Yara's Board of Directors

Yara's Board of Directors has eleven members: Seven independent shareholder-elected and four employee-elected. Members are elected for two-year periods. Neither the President and CEO nor any other member of the executive management is a director of the board.

Rules of procedure

Yara employees in a meeting

Our rules of procedure have been set to define the duties and tasks of all key decision makers. Our mission is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet, and these rules serve as inspiration and guidance to succeed.  

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Code of practice for corporate governance

Yara farmer walking though field

We follow central guidelines set by the Norwegian government.

The Norwegian government issues a code of practice for corporate governance. By following this code, we make sure we comply with the latest regulations and legislations. 

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Yara tax policy

When dealing with taxes, Yara behaves ethically and in line with the values and principles contained in Yara’s Code of Conduct. Yara tax policy policy applies to all Yara controlled companies and subsidiaries and covers mainly Corporate Income Taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT).