A digital ecosystem tailored to diverse farming needs

The solutions in the Yara Digital Ecosystem are here to assist millions of farmers globally. Whether it’s connecting farmers with retailers or providing insights for informed crop nutrition decisions and precision farming, we’re dedicated to addressing their unique farming challenges. By doing so, we’re creating value for stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem, and helping feed 262 million people worldwide. 


Crop nutrition management

Optimizing nutrient use efficiency with precision nutrient solutions for efficient and sustainable farming practices


Water management

Improving water use efficiency to ensure available water is converted into growth and maximum yield

Clean air

Weather advisory

Empowering farmers with real-time weather insights for informed decision-making and proactive risk management


APIs (data) - integration

Streamlining data flow and accessibility by integrating APIs for a comprehensive and connected digital farming experience

Farmer ipad

Marketplace platforms

Fostering strong connections between farmers and retailers through loyalty programs that offer rewards and benefits

N Sensor front

Hardware tools

Providing cutting-edge agricultural hardware solutions for precision farming, automation, and increased efficiency


Digital solutions for farmers worldwide

Yara’s comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions caters to farmers’ needs by providing global connectivity and adaptable precision farming technologies. Our digital teams, armed with in-depth knowledge of their local markets, ensure tailored solutions for each region - whether it’s Atfarm+ in Europe, Ayra in the Americas, or Yara FarmCare in Africa and Asia.

How Yara's digital farming technology makes a difference

Read some success stories from around the world using our digital solutions.

Boosting wheat yield in Brazil with Atfarm

In Passo Fundo (RS), Brazil, Atfarm was used on a farm by a farmer to monitor and apply, in a personalized way, variable rate fertilizers in one of his wheat fields. After the experiment, the producer stated that in the area where this strategy was applied, he presented an additional yield of 7 bags per hectare. 

Read the press release (in Brazilian Portuguese)

Improving corn productivity with Yara's MásMaiz program

At Amadeo Ramos' farm in Durango, Mexico, there was an increase of 3 tons/ha in corn productivity. Atfarm was used by the farmer, alongside the support of Yara's agronomic team, in a comparison between their standard fertilization strategy and the implementation of the MásMaiz by Yara nutrition program. 

Read the story (in Spanish)

Increasing farm profit in Ireland with N-Sensor

At the Ballyragget Farm in Kilkenny, Ireland, the crops looked homogeneous during the growing season and come harvest, the crops were more even and yields were consistent. The use of  ALS2 N-Sensor across 800ha farm, resulted in an additional on-farm profit in excess of £43,000 at yield responses of just 3.5% 

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Digital farming using N-tester on a leaf Digital farming using N-tester on a leaf



Digital farming: From insights to action

As the global food demand grows, farmers face the urgent task of producing more, improving quality, and adopting more sustainable practices. To achieve this, they require high-quality data and innovative tools that can turn insights into action. This is where digital farming steps in.

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