Digital expertise you can count on

Yara is a trusted digital partner for millions of farmers around the world. We offer a wide array of digital solutions that create value for stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem, and help us to feed 262 million people around the world. Our techniques make use of the latest technologies, such as:

  • Real-time nitrogen sensors and other hardware to optimize nitrogen use decisions
  • Data science, analytics, and crop and soil dynamic modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Automation of application and farm operations
  • Personalized digital platforms

Our tools represent the cutting edge in the area of crop nutrition optimization, enhancing crop productivity, crop quality and sustainability. 

Ddigital farming solutions
Ddigital farming solutions

Farming & Field Connectivity Portfolio

Improving yields requires enhanced connectivity between farm, farmer, and field. Yara has developed several innovative products that make this possible. Drawing on our agronomic capabilities, digital and hardware tools, API products, and sustainability solutions, we provide farmers with a climate-smart approach to improved nutrient management.

There are four key phases to any agricultural endeavor: Plan, Apply, Adjust, and Monitor. At each of these stages, farmers face unique challenges – and at each stage, Yara offers Atfarm, the digital solution that makes precise farming simple, and hardware tools to help them along the way.


Planning using Atfarm

Determining the right source, rate, timing, and placement of nutrients required to achieve optimum crop performance for sustainability and profitability. Farmers need an accurate way of doing this, one that avoids any calculation errors, fast and easy to operate. For that, we offer Crop Nutrition Plan with Yara knowledge inside, provides farmers and their trust advisers a flexible and easy to use, nutrient planning tool.


Farmer using N-sensor inside tractor

Soil nitrogen supply and crop nitrogen demand varies; crop to crop, year to year, and even varies across any given field. This in field variation can mean slower harvesting, delayed maturity, or increased desiccant use, as well as the risk of crop lodging. Under- or over-using nitrogen fertilizer leads to reduced crop yields or greater GHG emissions, so farmers are in clear need of more tailored solutions. For that, we offer two Variable Rate Application (VRA) solutions; the first using satellite images through Atfarm to measure the in field variation, and the second using tractor mounted hardware through N-Sensor. Both use Yara embedded knowledge to create application maps.


Closeup of N-Tester and software on mobile device

In pre-season estimation of soil nitrogen supply and crop nitrogen demand is very complex to calculate due to the dynamic nature of this nutrient. Our solution is to take in season, in field measurements of crop nitrogen content, combined with Yara knowledge to create a nitrogen rate recommendation. To optimize yield, quality and sustainability, farmers need precise insights on nitrogen levels at critical phases of the growing cycle so they can adjust their activities accordingly. For that, we have Yara N-Tester, a hand held device that farmers and their advisers clip onto the crop leaf, delivering them with a nitrogen rate recommendation.


Farmer using Atfarm on laptop

Most farming operations require specific weather conditions, and farmers routinely check the weather during their breakfast time. It is therefore vital for farmers to have reliable, specific, and accurate weather data to inform their activities. With Atfarm, we go one step further understanding the operations they are about to perform such as spreading fertilizer, we interpret high quality wind and rainfall forecasts to advise on a perfect weather window to apply their valuable fertilizers.