Our Africa and Asia footprint

At Yara, we contribute actively to food security and improved crop nutrition in an environmentally sustainable manner by driving inclusive and mutually-beneficial growth with our employees, farmers and stakeholders. 

51.4 M

Farmers connected

5.4 M

Women and youth in agriculture

90000 +

Micro, small and medium enterprises

138.5 M

People fed

Empowering livelihoods: Our vision for Africa & Asia

Female farmer and Yara agronomist talking on a field in Myanmar

At Yara, our vision for Africa and Asia goes beyond mere business objectives. It's a commitment to creating real and tangible impact in the livelihoods of our customers. With Africa and Asia collectively representing 89% of all smallholder farming globally, we recognize the immense responsibility and opportunity within these regions. 

Smallholder empowerment: Driving positive change

Two African female maize farmers inspecting their crops

Our focus is uplifting smallholder farmers who form the backbone of agriculture in Africa and Asia. Through tailored solutions, training programs, and sustainable practices, we aim to empower smallholders, enabling them to increase productivity, improve livelihoods, and contribute to food security in their communities. 

Sustainable agriculture: Cultivating prosperity

Family in Cambodia in their cucumber farm

In locations like South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia where large commercial farming dominates, our vision is to foster sustainable agricultural practices that prioritize environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and long-term prosperity. By partnering with commercial farmers and promoting sustainable solutions, we aspire to create a future where agriculture thrives in harmony with nature, benefiting both present and future generations. 

Innovation at the heart of our solutions

At Yara, we recognize the vital role smallholder farmers play in feeding half of the world's population. Yet, their livelihoods are under constant threat from climate change, financial constraints, regulatory demands, and limited access to technology and data. Despite these challenges, they bear the immense responsibility of feeding a rapidly growing global population.  

So, how do we meet this challenge responsibly, ensuring prosperity for smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia  while addressing the urgent needs of our planet? 

Enter Thryve – our innovation CoLab dedicated to accelerating the development, scaling, and commercialization of solutions tailored to the strategic and specific challenges faced by farmers in these regions. Through a collaborative ecosystem and a relentless pursuit of innovation, Thryve aims to generate impact and value for farmers and public sectors alike, all while confronting the climate crisis head-on. 

Learn more about Thryve Innovation CoLab

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Yara in Africa and Asia 

Yara Africa & Asia (YAA) spans three continents, operating in multiple Asian and African countries with over 2000 employees. With three production plants strategically located, and a sales presence in more than 20 countries, YAA is headquartered in Singapore, leading innovation, incubating digital solutions, and executing strategies to lead the food system transformation. As a major player in the agriculture industry, we offer comprehensive solutions to support millions of farmers to grow food and empower our partners to thrive sustainably. 

Map of operations in Yara Africa and Asia Pacific

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