Empowering European farmers

The climate crisis is changing the rules of the game for European agriculture – and for European farmers. If we want to continue to feed the world with nutritional food while also protecting the planet, then we need to support farmers. Farmers are in the driver’s seat. They hold the key to the solution. When farmers succeed, everyone succeeds.

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Europe is spearheading a sustainable food system

Two farmers in wheat field

The European Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy put Europe as a frontrunner in transforming the global food industry by setting several aspirational goals to make our food system fair, healthy and environmentally friendly. For these aspirations to become a reality, the entire food chain must collaborate. We will play our part by capitalizing on our knowledge of crop nutrition, farmers and markets to develop innovative solutions that also benefit society, just as we have for over a century. We’re ready to put Farm to Fork into action.

Putting Farm to Fork into action

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As guardians of the soil, European farmers have passed on to future generations knowledge of how to nurture the land they farm. By supporting farmers with digital tools and advice on smart, sustainable farming practices, we can help them further optimize crop yields, produce healthier crops and protect the soil, while also reducing their carbon footprint. This will benefit not only farmers but also the entire food value chain – from consumers who want access to healthy and sustainable food to food companies meeting consumer needs and their own climate pledges. The good news is that European farmers are embracing new technologies and new ways of farming – and many solutions for achieving Farm to Fork already exist. 

A holistic approach is the best way forward:

Nutrient efficiency

Nutrient use efficiency

Applying the right fertilizers at the right time will give farmers economic and environmental wins.


Soil health

Carbon farming will provide farmers with new income sources while also improving soil health.

Climate change

Climate change mitigation

Farmers can reduce their carbon footprint by using fertilizers with lower emissions and applying them more efficiently.

Circular economy

Circular economy

Enabling nutrient upcycling in the agriculture and food sectors and working with farmers to develop new organic offerings.

Clean air

Clean air

By using the right fertilizer, farmers can help ensure that the air we breathe in Europe is cleaner.


Water usage

Fertigation allows farmers to optimize water and fertilizer use, increase yields and reduce their carbon footprints.

Farmers in Europe can already make a difference

Closeup of green wheat stalks
Closeup of green wheat stalks

+ 20%

nutrient use efficiency

with existing solutions, best practices


higher yield and incomes

for European farmers

up to 20%

lower carbon footprint

linked to mineral fertilization

Our European footprint

We’re well positioned to become the leading partner for European farmers and food companies by providing sustainable farming solutions that also deliver superior economic performance. Read more in our Yara in Europe page.

Man holding a wheat stalk Man holding a wheat stalk

Decarbonizing Europe’s food system through carbon farming

Farmers can reduce emissions by storing CO2 in soils – and get paid for it. Through the Agoro Carbon Alliance, farmers will earn money for their carbon crop while tapping into valuable new markets where conscious consumers reward responsible agricultural choices.

Read more about the Agoro Carbon Alliance

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