Our approach to Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is the way forward to decarbonize the food system and make farming nature-positive and resilient to climate shocks. At Yara, we consider regenerative farming to be the future of farming.

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We see regenerative agriculture as a systematic, outcome-based approach to adopt the best sustainable farming practices that positively affect nature and climate across five themes:

Detail of soil
Detail of soil



To mitigate emissions and improve crop resilience

Our solutions can reduce field emissions and improve crop resilience to climate shocks. By applying advanced technology, we can reduce emissions, such as using low-carbon footprint fertilizers produced with renewable electricity.

Close up of bee on a flower
Close up of bee on a flower



To reduce pressure on land use change and to protect natural habitat

By adopting Yara’s regenerative agriculture practices, farmers can reduce land use changes and protect natural habitats. Our sustainable solutions can improve soil health and reduce emissions, thereby contributing to field biodiversity.

Hand watering seedling growing in healthy soil
Hand watering seedling growing in healthy soil


Soil health

To improve soil fertility, soil structure, biodiversity and prevent soil degradation

Ensuring soil health is essential for efficient farming. Our balanced and optimized crop nutrition solutions can help enhance soil, thereby preventing soil degradation.

Water flowing in a stream
Water flowing in a stream


Resource use

The efficient use of all necessary resources required for crop growth 

Our digital tools and crop solutions can help produce more, with less, through water use efficiency and by applying the right nutrients, in the right amount, at the right time.

Aerial shot of a farmer walking on a field
Aerial shot of a farmer walking on a field



To improve farmer livelihoods

With our crop nutrition products, agronomic knowledge and digital solutions we can support farmers to reduce costs and increase crop yield, quality and resilience, all while impacting nature and climate positively.

Profile photo of Yara CEO Svein Tore Holsether Profile photo of Yara CEO Svein Tore Holsether



"The food system must be fixed, and regenerative agriculture is a key solution to do so. We urgently need to reach scale, but to succeed we must collaborate across the value chain to make it commercially attractive for the farmers."

Svein Tore Holsether
President and CEO, Yara International


What is needed to scale up regenerative agriculture

Mexican farmer and his family

As stewards of the soil, farmers are at the core of the transition to regenerative farming. However, today, the main barrier to this is the lack of short-term commercial attractiveness for farmers. The risk and cost of the transition are key challenges that need to be addressed by all players across the food value chain.

The commitment and collaboration of all actors in the food system to create an environment that rewards and incentivizes farmers is crucial in order for the transition, and scaling up, of regenerative farming.

How to solve the world's greatest food challenges together

Yara and food chain partner discuss regenerative agriculture

With our agronomic expertise, Yara is well prepared to innovate and respond to the new challenges the agriculture industry is facing. However, we cannot do this alone.

We call on all actors across the food value chain to transform our food system through regenerative agriculture. Let’s take action to feed the world AND support the climate, nature and our farmers. Together, we can secure crop supply and produce more food while using less of the planet’s resources. 

Our solutions for regenerative agriculture

Our approach to regenerative agriculture takes advantage of more than a hundred years of agronomic expertise, to innovate and respond to new challenges. Our solutions can positively impact the five themes of regenerative agriculture in a measurable way.

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Regenerative farming
Regenerative farming
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