Corporate governance

We believe good corporate governance ensures that we achieve our goals in the right way, and hopefully inspire others to adopt our sustainable and ethical business practices

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We believe all our shareholders should have equal voting rights. By having only one class of shares, we make sure every voice is heard. 

There are no restrictions on share transferability, and registered shareholders can vote in person or by proxy at the company's annual general meeting. Our articles of association state how we select our committees, as well as recommend shareholder representatives to the board. 

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of five independent shareholder-elected and three employee-elected members. The board has the overall responsibility for our company's management, while our CEO oversees our day-to-day business. We also have two individual subcommittees; the audit committee and the compensation committee.

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With around 17,000 employees worldwide, we have developed strong management directives to ensure the performance and well-being of our coworkers. 

Our managers constantly monitor risks, and ensures all our operations is running smoothly. Our managers work ranges from ensuring our compliance with chemical regulations to identifying and mediate risks associated with the agricultural industry.

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