Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future

The challenges our food system faces underpin our ambition of Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future. The ambition sets out the opportunity and responsibility we have to lead a positive change. Building on our purpose, science, and more than 100 years of agronomic knowledge, we need to give back to earth more than we take.

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We are committed to

  • Establish partnerships to decarbonize agriculture and shipping
  • Use our deep and growing knowledge, products, and digital solutions to enhance crops and soil health, while reducing pollution
  • Reach more farmers and communities to improve nutrition and quality of life through our global scale
  • Protect and restore nature and reverse climate change through science-based targets and actions
  • Contribute to creating a viable, profitable food future for all

The pillars of our ambition:

We will focus our efforts on three areas where we aim to create a tangible global impact
Cargo ship at sea seen from above
Cargo ship at sea seen from above

Climate neutrality

Reduce our own emissions and improve productivity at our production sites

Contribute to decarbonize agriculture

Contribute to decarbonize transportation and energy

Regenerative farming

Improve farming productivity and nutrient use efficiency (NUE) 

Positively impact nature in the value chain: soil health, biodiversity, water, air quality and land use change 


Improve farmer income and sustainability

Positively impact farmer diversity

Contribute to zero hunger and healthy nutrition

We are broadening our business model

To deliver on our strategy, we will focus our efforts on two strategic priorities: Accelerate operational excellence and Expand our reach and offering.

Over the past two decades, Yara’s business model has developed from focusing on our asset and product base – what we have, to focusing on farmers and complete solutions – how we can contribute.

We will continue to improve our fertilizer production and competitive edge, what we have, but we are increasingly aiming to expand our reach and offerings - tapping into the opportunities emerging in our business environment, how we can contribute. 

Yara Strategy model

Accelerate operational excellence

Plant workers talking and walking at the Yara Porsgrunn plant

Operational excellence is paramount to unlock the potential of our strategy. It equips us with a strong core as we expand our reach and offering and develop new business models. Our approach to operational excellence is multidimensional and to accelerate operational excellence, we focus on three areas.

Firstly, we invest in the development of our people and building a culture of entrepreneurship and continuous improvement. Secondly, we work to increase the efficiency of our operations as the backbone of our business. Improved reliability at plants and optimizing end-to-end business processes enabled by digital tools are key priorities. Lastly, we transform the way we manage value creation by taking a holistic approach to performance management. We integrate sustainability as a driver of performance, which we measure across the People, Planet and Prosperity dimensions.

Expand our reach and offering

Large cargo ship at sea seen from above

We will build on our core as a leading food solutions company to expand our reach and offering. This will be decisive to evolve our revenue base. Through new commercial offerings and tapping into new business opportunities, we will continue to deliver value for society at large and for our shareholders.

To achieve this, we will explore concrete avenues of expanding our reach and offering that include new revenue models and new sustainable product offering, selling services, as well as new geographies and segments. Additionally, we are exploring new business opportunities within two key areas: the clean ammonia and clean carbon marketplace segments. And lastly, we have a focused growth agenda: we will seek growth to strengthen our new offerings, we will consider value-adding crop nutrition assets and growth in strategic markets.

Holistic performance management

We take a holistic approach to performance management. We integrate sustainability as a driver of performance, which we measure across the People, Planet and Prosperity dimensions.

People mixed gender


Our people are our greatest asset. Their knowledge help to feed 289 million people annually.

Our people performance


We tackle global challenges with innovative solutions and ambitious climate and nature targets.

Our planet performance
Plant growth


We target superior returns from efficient operations and new and greener revenue streams.

Our prosperity performance