Fixing the broken food system

We must transform how we grow, process, trade, transport, consume and dispose our food. We are adapting our business and scaling our knowledge to develop and deliver the solutions needed for this transformation to tackle the climate, nature and hunger crises. Food systems transformation is critical to Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future.

Regenerative agriculture

Female Yara agronomist and Mexican farmer talking about regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is the way forward to decarbonize the food system and make farming nature-positive and resilient to climate shocks. 

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Low-carbon footprint fertilizers

This year, Yara will introduce fertilizers that are produced using renewable electricity instead of fossil sources. Low-carbon footprint fertilizers will be a game changer: we cannot decarbonize the food value chain without them.

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Yara Clean Ammonia

Ammonia does not emit CO2 when burned, and is expected to become a next-generation fuel. Yara is uniquely positioned to enable the hydrogen economy in a market expected to grow by 60 percent over the next two decades.

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Agoro Carbon Alliance

Agoro Carbon Alliance has an ambition of decarbonizing farming on a global scale. By generating reliable Farm Carbon Credits and certified climate-smart crops, Agoro Carbon is working with farmers to increase soil carbon sequestration.

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Sustainable agriculture in Europe

Farmers hold they key to transforming the food chain. When farmers succeed, everyone succeeds. The European Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy make Europe a frontrunner in the food systems transformation. We support European farmers to lead the way and transform Europe’s food system.

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The food value chain

We are aware of our contributions, but also our limitations. We cannot transform the food value chain alone. We are working with global food companies to address climate, nature and prosperity impacts form soil to supermarket. 

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