Digitalizing agriculture worldwide

As global demand for food rises, farmers need to grow their produce more efficiently and sustainably – and for this, they urgently need innovations to help sustainably improve their yields. This means high-quality, actionable data, plus the tools to put these insights into practice.

This is where digital farming can help. These pioneering approaches draw on a range of disciplines to optimize every aspect of agricultural production. Yara has developed several precision-agriculture solutions, building on over a century of crop nutrition experience and working closely with local farmers. We combine this practical expertise with hardware tools, advanced sensors, satellite technology, digital communication channels, automation, API products, and a sustainability focus.

In this way, we provide a fully integrated, climate-smart approach to nutrient management fit for the challenges of today.

Farmer with mobile device inspecting coffee beans
Farmer with mobile device inspecting coffee beans

What we’re developing in digital

Yara has developed several solutions to help farmers optimize their activities on the ground and enable the entire food value chain to move toward climate-neutral practices.

In particular, our digital farming team innovates, prototypes, builds, and validates digital solutions that connect and create value for stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem.

These solutions empower professional and smallholder farmers to increase yields, crop quality, and incomes in a sustainable way.

Our impact

  • Using our crop spectral knowledge, combined with digital expertise, we have accumulated tens of millions of cropped hectares monitored through our digital solutions.
  • Our tools are used by agricultural stakeholders in over 60 countries across Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe,
  • Our ambition is to reach 150 million hectares actively monitored annually – approximately 10% of all arable land worldwide.

The value of digital farming

Watch how digital farming helps farmers increase yield and profitability and produce more sustainably.

Victoria Pace portrait

“In the past decade, digital technologies have become crucial for increasing farm yields and reducing emissions. I’m delighted that we’ve made such excellent progress in developing a strong portfolio of digital solutions at Yara that are helping farmers around the world to produce more sustainably.”

Victoria Pace
VP Yara Digital Ag Solutions