Our organizational structure

Our organizational structure reinforces strategy execution: empowering local operations, strengthening accountability and driving customer centricity

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Yara's regional units

Our three regional units Africa & Asia, Americas, and Europe operate in a fully integrated setup, producing and delivering Yara’s existing fertilizer solutions in addition to commercializing and selling new offerings with support from Global Innovation at the corporate level.

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Global Plants & Operational Excellence

The Global Plants &  Operational Excellence unit operates Yara’s largest production plants in Porsgrunn (Norway) and in Sluiskil (The Netherlands), and drives operational improvement and competence development across Yara’s production units. 

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Yara Industrial Solutions

Yara Industrial Solutions serves customers with products and solutions essential for society, and our engaged people do this through excellence in chemistry and technology. This global business area comprises the Base Chemicals, Mining Applications and Transport Reagents commercial units, with production plants in Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, France and Malaysia.

Yara Clean Ammonia

The Clean Ammonia segment includes Yara’s Ammonia Trade and Shipping business, which plays a vital role in Yara’s production system through optimizing production capacity utilization. This segment also leads Yara’s exploration of new green and blue ammonia projects.