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We believe in responsible business conduct where trust is created through repeatedly good behavior

Our mission is to "Responsibly feed the world and protect the planet". The mission is ambitious and so are the expectations on us from our stakeholders. From an Ethics and Compliance perspective it’s about how we reach our Mission.

We continuously work on our culture of integrity and speak up principle in our efforts to fight corruption and respect universal human rights. Not only within the Yara organization but also with our partners in their operations.

We participate in industry collaborations and engage with local communities to make an impact. This work requires constant efforts. We are proud of our efforts to break the chain of human rights abuse and corruption.

Cira Holm 
Chief Compliance Officer


We believe business can only be celebrated when it is achieved in the right way. Our policies serve as both an internal and external compass for all our employees and business partners. By building a culture that supports ethical business practices and upholds strong expectations of others, we can make a difference. Together, we can do business sustainably.

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Why is a dramatic annual increase in notifications received through our reporting channels something to celebrate?

Ethics and compliance is not just talk. We have created a program that is both preventive and reactive so that around 16,000 employees follow the same guidelines. We believe in creating a culture that supports people who voice their concerns, and empowers everyone to speak up when something unexpected occurs. 

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Here you will find contact information for the Ethics and Compliance team, as well as information about our Ethics Hotline.

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