We have a deep understanding of farmers’ needs and
the capacity to meet them

Our more than 1000 agronomists and sales agronomists work actively in the field to help farmers implement solutions to efficiently grow high-yielding, top-quality crops while protecting the planet.

Over the past 100 years, Yara has accumulated unrivalled knowledge in crop nutrition. Here's how:

  • Our research centers have conducted thousands of trials and collected over a million soil and plant leaf analyses to deepen our understanding of every farming environment, soil context, and crop type.
  • We work with farmers on the ground and this allows us to learn lessons on the same crop grown in many parts of the world, making our knowledge global and unique.
  • We collaborate and build partnerships with the food chain and research communities around the globe. Our trials and projects are connected to almost 100 R&D institutions and universities worldwide.
Trials on a plant at Pocklington lab

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Our agronomic solutions result from our combined expertise and decision-support tools, enabling our agronomists to advise on the right product's portfolio, depending on crops, regions, and growing conditions to enable farmers to succeed, actively pursuing our new ambition.