Our purpose

Our founders faced and overcame the greatest food challenge of their time. With collaboration and curiosity, they helped save the lives of millions. Since then, we have continuously developed solutions that improve and increase global food production more sustainably.

But the disruptions of recent years have shown how fragile the food system is and how it threatens food security. We have more mouths to feed and limited resources to draw upon.

At Yara, we are working tirelessly to meet these challenges head-on. Through integrated, science-based solutions, we’re helping to lead a food system transformation to protect nature better, increase affordable food access, transition to clean energy, and improve livelihoods. Collaborative leadership will grow our potential to do good and secure a resilient food system while protecting and restoring our planet.


Our mission

Responsibly feed the world

and protect the planet


Our mission is our reason to exist. It defines our company’s purpose and role in the world.

We believe knowledge grows and has the power to create positive global change. We understand that knowledge helps feed the world, creates profitable businesses, and protects the planet at a time when the population is expanding and our resources are increasingly challenged.

Our vision

A collaborative society;

a world without hunger;

a planet respected.


Our vision for the world is based on ensuring a nature-positive food future. A collaborating community that overcomes cultural, environmental, and economic barriers to create solutions that will lead to a world free from hunger and a planet respected.

Why do we need to continue feeding the world while protecting and restoring the planet?

People mixed gender

9.7 billion

estimated world population in 2050


50 % more

food production is needed to feed the world by 2050

Climate change

90-100% GHG emissions

reduction by 2050 to stay within the 1,5°C goal

Our values

At Yara, we ​​​​​​​understand that the value we create in the world depends on the values that lead us.