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Safe by Choice is the name Yara has given to its journey towards zero harm. We strongly believe that all incidents are preventable, that zero is possible by nurturing a strong HESQ (Health, Environment, Safety, Security and Quality) culture and operational practices. Through excellent performance, we aim to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace with strong barriers against incidents for our employees, contractors and neighbors.

Safe by Choice emphasizes that operating safely is an active choice. This cannot be left to chance and that is why Safe by Choice has been rolled out to every team member worldwide. Not only does this apply for people, but for our products and processes as well.

It's our duty to protect our people and the environment

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"We want to be the best and safest company in our industry, and when our people, products and processes are safe and compliant, that allows us to concentrate on reaching our goals and making the world a better place."

Jan-Petter Fossum
Head of HESQ 

Zero harm

That is our goal

Through hands-on leadership, efficient use of HSE tools, increased coworker ownership and engagement.

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Health, Safety and Security

We have a responsibility to develop a safe and healthy workplace with minimum exposure to the risks generated by our processes or external security threats towards our assets.

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Protecting the environment

As a global company, we acknowledge our impact and take responsibility for our business. We commit to leaving the world in a better state than we found it.

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Product Stewardship and Quality

We take the full life cycle responsibility for all Yara products – from raw materials to finished products - to ensure the safety of our employees, business partners and customers.

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Emergency Preparation

As a global company, we are continuously monitoring threats and vulnerabilities for us to implement risk reducing measures to protect employees and the organization.

Product stewardship

As part of our commitment to product stewardship, you have access to an intuitive library of our product safety sheets and information on explosives precursors regulation so you never have to worry about handling our products.

Looking for something specific?

We aim to be transparent and want to make internal and educational material available to everyone who wishes to learn more about our work.