Together we can better meet the challenges facing sustainable agriculture

Yara works with farmers and leading food value chain companies on specific initiatives to integrate our crop nutrition knowledge, science-based products and digital tools as we create complete crop solutions for farmers.  

Our partnerships with food value chain companies allow us to scale our crop solutions to millions of farmers that are within their direct agricultural sourcing programs and ensure at the same time high quality produce for food and beverage production. 

Vegetable market
Vegetable market

Together with food and beverage companies we are working on:

  • Reaching more farmers with crop nutrition knowledge to improve productivity and quality while reducing the environmental impact
  • Enhancing sustainability and traceability – key requirements farmers and the food brands are facing
  • Increasing the profitability of the farmer through best crop practices
  • Ensuring adequate food supply to feed a growing population  

We develop crop solutions that create value for farmers and all stakeholders in the value chain:​

  • Efficient use of nutrients – high yield at low cost​
  • Quality of crop – stable high quality​
  • Environmental impact – reduce carbon footprint and water use​
  • Healthy soil – enable regenerative practices​
  • Traceability “farm to fork” – capture value of sustainable practices
  • Improving livelihood of farmers across the globe 

Watch this two-minute video to understand how we work with farmers to help sustainably feed the world:

Partnership: the key to improve farmer's livehood, address environmental challenges and respond to consumer's needs

Our crop solutions are tailored to the farmer segments - both smallholder and professional. Smallholder farmer markets are where we can have greatest impact by working in partnership with food and beverage companies. In these markets, farmers typically lack access to seeds, financing and good crop nutrition practices. By working together in an ecosystem, we can bring this package to farmers at a large scale.

Resource management is crucially important when it comes to the agricultural sector and smallholder farmer markets. Climate change, drought, water availability are all big problems, and fertilizer is being overused or used in the wrong way which leads to soil erosion, soil problems and poor soil health. This misuse can quickly destroy farmer livelihood, as well as have huge environmental impacts.

We partner with farmers and food value chain companies in different countries to sustainably address growers, food supply and environmental challenges together.

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