Risk management

Monitoring global trends and challenges is crucial for our business, both to reduce risks and to explore business opportunities stemming from international developments.

We take proactive and effective risk management to mitigate adverse effects on our operations, and to identify and explore business opportunities. Ultimately, risk management helps us achieve our long-term strategies and short-term goals. 

Risk assessments

As a chemical company, we are exposed to a number of strategic, operational, financial, hazard and compliance risks that could have a negative effect on our business, reputation, operating results or financial condition. Several inherent business risks also represent business opportunities, underlining the need for systematic risk management of our operational and financial performance. We currently consider the following risk areas and factors to be the most relevant to our business:

Risk category Issue
Strategic risks Fertilizer prices
  Raw materials
  Gas prices
  Climate change
  Investments and integration
  Health and safety
Operational risks Production reliability
  Human capital
  Supply Chain
  Price risk on inventory
Hazard and Compliance-related risks Political Risk
  Anti-corruption risk
  Ethics risk
  Legal compliance risk
  Personnel security risk
  Natural disasters
  Supply chain relations
Financial risks Financial Risk
  Credit risk
  Currency risk
  Interest rate risk

Sustainability risks

We have undertaken a thorough review of the material sustainability issues facing our company and its industry. In accordance with our overall risk management system, risks related to the company’s corporate citizenship are categorized as strategic, operational, compliance or financial (as per table above).

Strategic risks arising from global challenges often represent business opportunities for us as the company responds to these with contributions to sustainable agriculture and business development. Our health and safety, and product stewardship team continuously monitor our significant operational and compliance risks.

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We are highly committed to  to protecting our people and the environment, while ensuring safe and high quality products. We take responsibility of our processes, and never compromise on safety. 

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