Why invest in Yara

We believe Yara is a highly attractive long-term investment. Here’s why:

We are an integrated crop nutrition company with an environmental and industrial solutions portfolio. Our knowledge, products and solutions grow customers' businesses profitably and responsibly, while securing the earth's resources, food and environment.

Attractive long-term industry prospects

With the world’s population expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, food production needs to increase by 50% from a 2005 baseline, pointing to increased fertilizer demand. Demand for environmental solutions is also expected to grow, as emission requirements for transport and industry get ever stricter.

Our unique and differentiated position within the industry

As the global number one producer of premium fertilizers, which provide both higher yields and lower environmental impact than commodity fertilizer, we are an industry leader in our field. We have the largest global distribution and marketing network for fertilizer and industrial solutions, with more than 200 terminals, warehouses, blending plants and bagging facilities, located in more than 60 countries.

Constantly creating business opportunities

Our products, solutions and knowledge address global food security and climate change challenges, generating business opportunities for Yara. We provide climate-smart routes for optimizing resource inputs while maximizing the quantity and quality of our customers’ output.

Continuous improvement

We have recently embarked on a company-wide improvement program which will deliver more than 500 million dollars of EBITDA improvement by 2020 compared with 2015. At the heart of the program is the implementation of a continuous improvement way of working throughout the company. This is not a traditional cost-cutting program.

Growth and expansion

We have a substantial portfolio of on-going growth and expansion investments, which will deliver more than 600 million dollars of EBITDA improvement by 2020 compared with 2015. We believe this is key to sustaining and increasing our competitive edge, and growth within both production and distribution is a key pillar in Yara’s strategy.

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