YaraVita Foliar Nutrition

YaraVita Foliar nutrition ensure optimal nutrient balance at important times during the growing season.

Foliar applications of macro and micronutrients at strategic growth stages will compliment soil nutrition, ensuring optimal nutrient balance at important times during the growing season. The YaraVita Foliar Nutrition portfolio is divided according to different farmer and crop needs:

  • Foliar Energy
  • Sustained Nutrition
  • Crops Specific
  • Foliar Feeding


Foliar Energy: These are liquid foliar fertilizers that contain a high-concentration of phosphate combined with other nutrients. The foliar application of phosphate gives an ‘energy boost’ to the crop. These products increase nutrient use efficiency, stimulate the growth of roots and consequently shoots, improve fruit quality, and extend P sufficiency.

Sustained Nutrition: YaraVita's suspension formulations are true compounds, and each drop contains the right breakdown of ingredients. When the products are applied, the crop receives the right amount of the compounds it needs (micronutrients, calcium magnesium etc.). YaraVita’s suspension products are also formulated with different particle sizes. The size of a particle affects the time (amount of days) that the plant receives nutrients. The smaller particles are broken down and taken up quickly by the plant, the larger particles feed the plant over a longer period.

Crop Specific: YaraVita Crop Specific products ensure that there are no nutrient deficiencies while the plant/ crop is developing. Crop specific products give a balanced combination of nutrients specifically designed for specific crops in an easy to use one-can formulation.

Foliar Feeding: Foliar Feeding products prevent, cure, and ensure sufficient nutrients to the crop during the growing season. Nutrients are available in singular form.