Inspired by the word “amplify” and the multiplied benefits provided to crops by the addition of biostimulants to a crop nutrition program.

YaraAmplix™ is our portfolio of biostimulant technology, designed to improve nutrient use efficiency, support soil health, and amplify natural crop processes and resilience to adapt to stress in changing climate conditions.

Biostimulants differ from other agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and plant protection products, therefore complementing Yara’s crop nutrition solutions across the entire growing season.

Our biostimulants are a vital solution for regenerative agriculture and a resilient food system. They are an integral part of Yara's developing ambition of Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future, which shows that the transition of agriculture is at the core of what we do. After years of food production breaking the planetary boundaries, we must move towards nature-positive solutions. This means teaming up with nature, not against it. And biostimulants really work with nature.

YaraAmplix™ offers a diverse range of products which are also suitable for different application methods, including foliar, fertigation, seed and fertilizer coating.

YaraAmplix™ - Enhance your crops' natural potential in harmony with nature


Reduce impact of climate change

Adapting practices to changing climate conditions, it enhances tolerance to abiotic stress, resulting in improved yields

Optimize the use of resources

Increases nutrient use efficiency, reducing nutrient losses to the environment and optimizing fertilizer use


Improve soil health

Improves soil health and fertility, positively impacting soil restoration and water use efficiency


Improve biodiversity

Improves biological diversity in the soil by creating favorable conditions for microorganisms, improving microbial activity

Farmers Prosperity

Improves crop quality, contributing to more vigorous and healthy plants, leading to less food waste and improved yield quality & quantity

Our product range

YaraAMplix ACTISIL product packaging
YaraAmplix™ ACTISIL
Strengthening the plant naturally.
YaraAmplix NRHIZO product packaging
YaraAmplix™ NRHIZO
A seed treatment solution that improves nodulation and N fixation on legumes.
YaraAmplix OPTIFRESH product packaging
Fertigation solution to improve shelf life and enhance abiotic stress tolerance.
YaraAMplix OPTIMARIS product packaging
Promotes plant greenness and fruit development.
YaraAmplix OPTINUE product packaging
YaraAmplix™ OPTINUE
Promotes root growth and enhances rhizosphere efficiency to improve nutrient uptake.
YaraAmplix OPTITRAC product packaging
YaraAmplix™ OPTITRAC
Stimulates flowering and fruit set.
YaraAmplic OPTIVI product packaging
YaraAmplix™ OPTIVI
Promotes plant growth and enhances abiotic stress tolerance.
A fertilizer coating that increases phosphorus use efficiency.
YaraAmplix™ SEEDLIFT
A seed treatment solution that promotes seed germination and early crop establishment on broad acre crops.
Tractor spraying biostimulants in maize field Tractor spraying biostimulants in maize field



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