“Tera" is derived from the Old Norse word "Tæra", meaning feeding.

YaraTera is a complete range of fully water-soluble fertilizers for fertigation which, together with YaraTera™ CALCINIT™ and the YaraTera™ Fertigation Software, and Megalab, offer a full crop solution for fertigation.

YaraTera includes a comprehensive range of fully water-soluble products, including NPKs, straights, chelates, liquid fertilizers and biostimulants.

When combined with an efficient irrigation system, both nutrients and water can be managed to obtain the maximum yield and quality.

Importantly, the products are easy to handle and apply to a wide range of crops.

Strawberry farmer and Yara agronomist checking crop quality

The YaraTera products are also supported by Yara’s vast knowledge of application strategy, fertigation training programs and a set of tools and services to help farmers with everyday operations.

This in turn helps get the best performance from the crop, and an optimum return on investment for the grower.

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The document "Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops" provides growers worldwide with the most up-to-date information on the correct use of nutrient solutions in horticulture.