Soil health - the foundation of agriculture and food systems

Regenerative farming methods, including reduced tillage, cover cropping, and balanced crop nutrition are key to restoring and maintaining soil health. However, digital tools and data from soil analysis are crucial in optimizing nutrient use efficiency - an essential aspect for the transition to sustainable, nature-positive agriculture. With over 45 years' experience in research and commercial analytical services, Yara’s Analytical Services analyzes samples from all over the world, equipping farmers with precise scientific assessments and enabling tailored management practices.

Analyzing soil for sustainable farming practices

Hands holding paper analyzing soil

Soil analysis is the basis for nutrient management planning and the adoption of nature-positive farm practices.

Yara's advanced soil analysis helps monitor soil, identify crucial indicators of soil health and enable accurate, timely, cost-effective and environmentally responsible fertilizer programs. These analyses empower farmers with indispensable information, facilitating their decision-making in crop nutrition and soil management strategies. Additionally, the data helps farmers to identify potential issues, thus preventing soil degradation and costly corrective measures.

Yara Analytical Services in figures

Infographic showing key figures for soil assessments and carbon measurements

Long-term trial field in Hanninghoff
Long-term trial field in Hanninghoff
Yara's Soil Health Assessment isn't just about analyzing soil; it's about empowering farmers to make informed decisions that cultivate healthier soils and support regenerative farming, sustainably, for generations to come.

Yara's Soil Health Assessment measures all 3 pillars of soil - chemical, physical and biological



Available nutrients

Cation exchange capacity


Soil laser texture

Soil texture classification



Soil organic matter

Soil respiration

 C:N ratio

Soil Health Score

Farmer holding plant roots

The results from the Soil Health Assessment include an overall Soil Health Score to allow for easier comparison between samples and identification of areas requiring attention.

The assessment seamlessly integrates into existing soil sampling practices and can be linked to Field ID, enabling data mapping and progress tracking.

Interpretation provided allows users to audit soil health across farms, identify fields requiring, or likely to respond to, specific actions and measure the response practices aligned with regenerative agriculture. 

Accessible analysis reports

Farmer using digital tool on field

Yara’s assessment reports are delivered via email upon completion at our laboratories. Reports are available in various formats which are compatible with agronomic software. Additionally, access to past reports and further interpretation details are available via the secure Megalab Portal at any time.  

Farmers can then leverage the data to make evidence-based decisions and implement tailored soil management practices. This approach helps restore soil health and enhance biodiversity, while protecting the environment.