Inspired by the Norwegian word “healthy” (i.e., sunn), and similar also to “Sana,” its Latin equivalent. It can be connected to “soil health” since adding carbon to the soil helps to stop soil organic matter depletion.

YaraSuna is our portfolio of recovered nutrients from organic compounds, developed as a complementary offering for all farmers to support soil health and promote crop resilience.

Today, the climate crisis and depletion of the earth’s natural resources demand complementary approaches to secure a productive farm future. Yara’s decades of knowledge, experience and proven results now come full circle with the integration of organic-based fertilizers into its extensive crop nutrition portfolio.

YaraSuna fertilizer

With products for agriculture and forestry, YaraSuna offers a comprehensive range of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers to prevent soil organic matter depletion. They complement Yara’s extensive crop nutrition portfolio and digital agriculture solutions, offering a full spectrum of solutions that help to produce better crops. This product range is flexible and can be enhanced with nutrients (N, P, K, Mg, Ca, Mn, Se) to better fulfill farmers’ different needs.

Tractor spreading YaraSuna


YaraSuna: Fertilizers made of recovered nutrients

Soil health

Soil health

YaraSuna high-quality products with recovered nutrients support soil health and promote crop resilience

Circular economy

Circular economy

YaraSuna contributes to the circular economy by improving resources' productivity and closing the resource loop

Quality product

Accessible & easy to use

YaraSuna products are easy to use, with convenient spreading that adapts to farmers’ existing practices


Guaranteed quality

Yara’s rigorous production process ensures YaraSuna products are of consistent high quality, safe and free from contaminants