YaraVita Coatings

An efficient way to add and and protect value to your seeds and fertilizers

YaraVita Coatings are an efficient way to add and protect the value​ of seeds and fertilizers at crop establishment.

​The coating  products includes:

  • Procote, acoating created with PROMICRO technology for granular fertilizers
  • Teprosyn: coatings for seeds, specifically legumes.


Procote is Yara's unique oil-based micronutrient fertilizer coating, created using PROMICRO technology that allows micronutrients in a liquid form to be applied directly to the surface of fertilizer granules or prills in Yara's fertilizer plants. By enriching fertilizer with specific key micronutrients in accordance with the target crop's needs, the farmer can supply a balanced nutritional package with a single application.

Seed treatment portfolio

Seeds are one of the inputs that have the most technology and added value, so it is essential to add and protect the value of this input. The YaraVita seed treatment portfolio is the most efficient way to do this, since in addition to providing nutrients and biostimulants to ensure optimal crop establishment, it also has in its formulation the synergize technology that reduces the abrasion between the seeds and the dust formation, speeds up the drying process after treatment, and guarantees an excellent fluidity of the product during the treatment and of the seeds during sowing. YaraVita seed treatment products are very versatile in tank mixes and are tested to the highest standards by the International Seed Treatment Association