Crop knowledge

The results of our knowledge are clear: every day our agronomists deliver the best crop nutrition recommendations and solutions to our farmers, giving valuable technical advice on how to produce efficiently and profitably in a sustainable way. Our more than 800 agronomists and sales agronomists work actively in the field to help farmers use fertilizers in the most efficient way to grow a high yielding, top quality crop.

When a farmer buys a bag of Yara fertilizer, he or she is not just buying nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium. What they are buying is knowledge. Through Yara’s local sales and marketing organizations and digital platforms, we can advise on the right product, right application rate, and right timing of application to a farmer´s crop.

Knowledge in crop nutrition has always been part of Yara’s competitive advantage

Agronomist consulting a farmer on the field

To feed a growing population and to address climate change, new technologies and improved farming practices are essential. We have to grow more food on less land, increase productivity, and obtain higher yields and better quality from existing farmed lands. Sustainable intensification is part of the solution to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet.

Our ambition is to use our knowledge to address these challenges. We make a difference through delivering knowledge on each type of crop, competence in fertilizers and application know-how.

Over the past 100 years, Yara has accumulated unrivalled knowledge in crop nutrition. Our research centers have conducted thousands of trials and collected over a million soil and plant leaf analyses to deepen our understanding of every type of farming environment, soil context and type of crop. We now have proven solutions that deliver results for farmers.

Consulting the farmer

Working all over the world, our agronomists have not only inherited the accumulated experience of Yara but they are also building new expertise in local markets and crops. Our global reach allows us to learn lessons on the same crop grown in many parts of the world, making Yara’s knowledge global and unique.