A reliable supply of high-quality Urea

With six factories and 12 terminals around the world, we can guarantee you a dependable supply of Urea for all industrial applications and animal feed.

Partnering with Yara means you get the quality Urea you need, when you need it.

We leave no chance to contamination: we clean vessels from rust and painting where needed before the loading of Urea, and we cover them with an overlay after it is loaded.

As one of the world’s leading producers with a network of plants and terminals in three continents, we can meet your specific requirements and deliver to your site quickly and efficiently. Due to our worldwide logistic network we are able to supply at any time.

This gives us flexibility to find a solution, because long-term partnerships with our customers matters to us.

Technical urea

You can get Urea in two forms

  • Urea prills – small spherical particles used as Urea in many industrial applications and for animal feed. Yara can supply you with Urea prills with or without anti-caking agent.
  • Granular Urea – technical grade granules. Granules are also used for fertilizer.

We deliver consistent quality levels by focusing on every phase of the process, from manufacturing and handling to delivery. We do daily samples of our production in our in-house labs.

Our quality assurance is key for our clients in the resin, woodpanel, pharmaceutical, agri-food and animal feed industries.

How Urea can be used

Industrial applications including

  • Glue and resins
  • Wood industry
  • Health and beauty products
  • Metal treatment
  • Tanneries
  • Water treatment
  • Construction and civil engineering

Animal feed

Animal feed urea is a nutritional additive used in diets for ruminant livestock such as cattle, sheep and goats. It promotes feed digestibility and intake. Feed Grade Urea is classified as a feed additive. Within the EU, feed grade urea is approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as safe for animal and human consumption.

Read more on urea for animal feed.

How we produce Urea

  1. Urea is produced by the reaction of ammonia with carbon dioxide to form a hot melt.
  2. When mixed with water, this hot melt becomes an aqueous Urea solution or a raw material for producing Urea granules or prills.

Our main Urea-producing factories are in Germany, France and The Netherlands. All have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, while our France and Netherlands plants are also OHSAS-certified.

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Linda Hamiche
Business Excellence Manager