Reducing NOx with SNCR and SCR systems using Ammonia Solution

Safer to use than anhydrous ammonia, Ammonia Solution is an efficient alternative reagent for NOx reduction to control emissions in power plants and utilities.

Ammonia Solution, also known as aqueous ammonia or ammonium hydroxide, is ammonia dissolved in water. It can be used directly with SNCR (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems.

Why choose Ammonia Solution as your reagent?

Ammonia Solution is safer to use than anhydrous ammonia since the vapor pressure is greatly reduced by the water.  Correctly handled and stored, it is a safe and efficient reagent for NOx treatment in emissions control technology for power plants/utilities.  

For control of NOx, when the use of anhydrous ammonia is not possible, Yara recommends the use of Ammonia Solution because:

  • It is more efficient than urea and safer than anhydrous ammonia, offering a good compromise.
  • The risks associated with the transport, storage and use of ammonia solution are significantly lower than with anhydrous ammonia as the ammonia is dissolved in water. This reduces the vapor pressure of the solution, which usually allows it to be stored at atmospheric conditions.
  • Ammonia Solution does not freeze.

Ammonia has advantages over Urea when lower NOx emissions are required

  • Reduced tendency of formation of nitrous oxide and less carbon monoxide formation.
  • Greater effectiveness in high-temperature SNCR systems than Urea.
  • Reduced probability of fouling and corrosion in equipment downstream of the injection point.
  • Leakage issues that can occur with Urea Solution are avoided.

Why choose Yara to supply Ammonia Solution? 

Yara is a world leader in Ammonia, producing over 7 million tons in 2016. We have been dealing with Ammonia for over a century, and put safety at the heart of all our operations, giving us an exemplary safety record. We are also happy to share our safety expertise with our customers.

Most of our Ammonia is made from natural gas, the cleanest hydrocarbon source available.

Safe and reliable deliveries 

Ammonia Solution transport methods include:

  • Tank truck
  • Railcar
  • Vessel / barge

We deliver the reagent of your choice from our unique network of plants offering a constant back-up in sourcing.

Safety services for Ammonia used in NOx control systems

Ammonia is the ultimate, cost-efficient SNCR and SCR reagent, and safe when handled correctly.

To ensure safety is maintained from production to consumption, we train our own people and contractors extensively, If your staff need training on Ammonia storage and handling, we can answer all your questions and organize training sessions.

You can get expert training or advice on a number of different safety related services, such as:

  • Operator safety training or guidance 
  • Manager-level  guidance and advice related to Ammonia safety regulations, accident prevention, accident potential determination, and what to do if the unthinkable happens  
  • Pre-delivery site inspections, Ammonia delivery pre-requisites  
  • Ammonia site safety assessment and recommendations  
  • Ammonia safety guidance to customers during HESQ systems development and maintenance  
  • Pre-audit or authority inspection preparations advice related to ammonia safety

Telemetry systems and safe storage for Ammonia Solution

For peace of mind, Yara can install telemetry systems on your storage facility. This will ensure your reagent stock is constantly monitored remotely and we take full responsibility to make sure your Ammonia Solution levels are always at the level set by you.

Using this web-based remote monitoring system: 

  • Increases security of supply of your NOx reduction reagent 
  • Simplifies reagent ordering and stock management
  • Increases data management control

NOx control reagent storage solutions

If you need storage solutions for your NOx reduction reagents – Ammonia, Ammonia Solution and Urea Solution – we can help you with the design, build and upgrade of storage facilities. This can be as part of your SNCR, SCR or hybrid system installation, or as a stand-alone storage tank solution.

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