Odor removal

Foul-smelling toxic gases resulting from industrial processes are a common source of air pollution. They create difficult neighborhood relations as well as unpleasant and unsafe working conditions. Yara's air treatment solutions effectively deal with harmful odors from H₂S, HAP, VOC, ammonia, dioxin and other emissions.

Choose Yara's odor removal solution that uses air filtration systems to eliminate aggressive and odorous gases from waste treatment, industrial and manufacturing processes.

Our systems are designed and manufactured to be reliable and provide best value total cost of ownership.

Yara's odor removal product range

Our range of odor removal systems has been developed from years of international knowledge and experience. We can help you find the right solution for your odor problems from our broad portfolio of options. All our units observe the applicable European Directives and Regulations:  

  • Photox (UV light)
  • Combined unit (UV light + carbon)
  • Carbonfilter

A well-maintained system is an efficiently operating one. See how we can help you run your systems optimally long term by visiting our services page.

Odor prevention and removal - a combined solution

Do your operations face particularly challenging odor problems? Do you face stringent demands on balancing investments and operating costs?

Our odor removal and odor prevention systems can be used together to treat bad smells, improve safety and protect your asset from corrosion, while optimizing your financial maneuverability.

Talk to us to see how you can take effective action against odor and save money with our combined solution.

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