Use odor prevention and removal technology together for the complete solution

Combining both odor prevention and removal technologies can help you overcome even the most challenging problems in a cost-effective way.

Get a comprehensive solution for dealing with tricky odor problems, combining both odor prevention and odor removal technology including:

  • Wide range of "air treatment" technologies to remove odor
  • Consulting: mapping, odor analysis, odor and gas spread calculations, odor and gas risk assessments
  • Odor prevention liquid products and proprietary dosing technology
  • Customer support: service packages, technical support, spare parts

Combined prevention and removal

Odor problems can cause local neighborhood issues with complaints about bad smells from waste treatment, industrial and manufacturing processes.

And while it often has a lower upfront investment cost, simply getting rid of the smell doesn't always get rid of the accompanying problems that hydrogen sulphide (H2S) can create.

With our integrated concept we help you to identify what is happening and you can choose when and where to tackle your H2S-related problem. We can help you to prevent it or remove it once it has occurred. Of course, both technologies can be used independently or mixed so you always get the result you want, no matter your system.

Odor prevention systems like YaraNutriox™ inhibit the formation of H2S at source and can also help you:

  • Avoid corrosion
  • Prevent septicity
  • Reduce health and safety risks
  • Cut the risk of fatalities and reduce harm to human health

Using both systems together can give you a cost-effective solution allowing you to deal with:

  • Challenging odor problems
  • Balancing investments and operating costs requirements
  • Meeting air quality regulations
  • Minimizing complaints from neighbors

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Depend on our knowledge and experience

Yara's experts have over 25 years of experience in odor prevention and removal. Work with our skilled team to implement a reliable and cost-effective system, designed and manufactured to solve the odor problems you face.

We can also help you maintain the system in the long term, so that it remains efficient. From servicing and spare parts to ensuring optimal running, our consultants can help.

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