Odor and H₂S solutions

Foul smells have a significant negative impact on employees and neighbors. Some emissions also cause corrosion and pose potentially fatal health risks. Use our cost-effective systems to solve the problem.

Biological activity and a lack of oxygen in wastewater create the perfect conditions for producing foul smells and toxic gases. On top of smelling bad and negatively affecting community relations and employee performance, certain gases – such as H₂S – also pose a direct and serious threat to safety and asset life-cycle cost.

Full service solutions

We have the full service solutions

Our full-service offering provides you with the answers you want and the end-to-end solutions you need, including odor mapping, gas dispersion modelling, odor treatment, optimization, and reporting.

We can help you identify what is happening and you choose when and where to tackle your H₂S related problem. We offer the advice and the technology to help you to prevent it or remove it once it has occurred. Of course, both approaches can be used independently or together so you always get the result you want, no matter your system.

The expertise you need

Our knowledgeable, local teams have 25 years of global experience providing customers with solutions to ensure their peace of mind. Let us deal with your odor issues so you can focus on your core business without having to worry about bad smells.

We clean the air at over 7000 customer sites across 6 continents. You can rely on Yara get rid of the smell for you. Let Yara handle the odor, so you can take care of business.

How Yara can help you

Choose an experienced partner

Choose an experienced partner

You can trust our expertise as we've effectively treated odors and prevented harmful H₂S emissions in a range of industry sectors:

  • Municipal wastewater
  • Food (dairies, slaughterhouses, catering) and beverage (brewing, distilling, bottling)
  • Waste industry (recycling, composting, incineration, landfill) 
  • Pulp and paper
  • Road Transport
  • Cruise ships and ferries
  • Oil and gas