"Bela" derives from the Old Norse word "beyla," meaning fertility.

The YaraBela nitrogen fertilizer range is a proven solution for the strong, prolonged growth of fertile crops; products that have been tried, tested and proven as a result of practical experience across a range of crops worldwide.

YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers comprise cost-effective sources of nitrogen and calcium to fuel growth and productivity. Most commonly packaged as bulk products, YaraBela fertilizers are widely used as dry applications on large-scale field crops.

They supply a balanced source of nitrogen, usually as a mix of ammonium and nitrate forms, to maximize soil fertility and boost growth processes and yield. This combination provides the best of both worlds; rapidly available nitrate for immediate growth, and slow-release ammonium for prolonged plant development.

Where formulated with calcium – as calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) – YaraBela fertilizers also boost crop quality. This includes improved tuber quality in potatoes and better storability in high-quality brassica crops.

YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers provide consistent, proven crop performance year-in and year-out across a wide range of crops and climatic conditions.