Yara Industrial Solutions committed to maintaining supplies

Oslo, March 28, 2022: Yara is resuming production at its Le Havre plant in France and at the Ferrara plant in Italy. Operations at the two plants were curtailed temporarily due to the impact of the war in Ukraine on ammonia and urea production in Europe.

“Although gas prices in Europe remain high,” says SVP Transport Reagents, Luc Ferreol. “recent corrections in the energy and ammonia/urea markets mean it’s now feasible to restart production at these plants.”

Despite high energy costs, Yara has continued to produce AdBlue and NoxCare40 at its Brunsbüttel plant in Germany and at Sluiskil in the Netherlands, and on the whole has served the markets without major interruptions via its unique terminal network.

Comments by industry participants relying primarily on imports from sanctioned suppliers have led government officials to express concern over the supply of AdBlue especially. However, the Le Havre and Ferrara plants are both integral to Yara’s supply setup for AdBlue, NoxCare40 and technical urea, and the addition of this capacity should ease any concern over product availability.

“Yara stands by its commitment to supply products that are crucial to a modern society,” continues Ferreol. “We are proud of our employees, distributors and customers who have worked so hard during the last weeks to make this possible under very challenging circumstances. We know there’s been considerable concern about availability, and even though some countries may face short-term supply interruptions, we believe we will be able to cover market requirements with capacity from Le Havre and Ferrara back on track.”

In the light of relatively lower gas prices and improved operating conditions, Yara intends to price NoxCare40 and AdBlue monthly, with a mid-month revision to address eventual changes in gas pricing and conditions.

This message is issued by Yara Industrial Solutions.

Your AdBlue solution

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce harmful gases being released into the atmosphere. AdBlue is a 32,5 % solution of high-purity, synthetically manufactured urea in de-mineralized water. It is a safe-to-use fluid.

Yara's AdBlue product is certified according to ISO 22241 (ISO 22241-1, ISO 22241-2, ISO 22241-3). This international standard protects your vehicle from contamination which could cause serious damage. Using a urea solution of incorrect or low quality that does not follow these standards risks costly repairs.

If you are in Brazil, this product is called ARLA32.

If you are in the US, this product is called DEF (diesel exhaust fluid).

Since 2005, Yara has been a pioneer in this market. We have worked alongside and guided hundreds of retailers, distributors and fleets of all sizes in their choice of AdBlue and AdBlue equipment.

To find your nearest contact we have dedicated AdBlue Sales Teams in most countries.

Looking for AdBlue safety data sheets (SDS)? Search for it in your country in the Safety data sheets (SDS) website.

How AdBlue works?

How AdBlue works diagram

Vehicles with SCR technology have a separate tank filled with AdBlue. This is then injected into the exhaust pipe, in front of the SCR catalyst, downstream of the engine. 

Heated in the exhaust, it decomposes into ammonia and CO₂. When the NOx from the engine exhaust reacts inside the catalyst with the ammonia, the harmful NOx molecules in the exhaust are converted to harmless nitrogen and water, which are released from the tail pipe as steam.

Why buy AdBlue from Yara?

Yara is the market leader with a production capacity of 2,8 Mt of AdBlue a year – the largest in the world.

This AdBlue is sold around the world and comes from a solution of high-purity, virgin urea. 

Urea is produced synthetically from ammonia and CO₂ (carbon dioxide), from which Yara's AdBlue is extracted directly as "hot melt" urea, which uses a different process from fertilizer grade urea. 

This AdBlue process is quality assured to ensure an exceptionally pure result that meets the stringent specification set out in ISO 22241-1. This means you can rely on the quality and purity of Yara's AdBlue wherever you are.

Keeping your fleet moving

Yara's local sales team for AdBlue offers you its expertise, whether you are a reseller, forecourt or service station owner or an operator of commercial fleets. You need never fear a dry run or keep a truck or a bus idle because it has run out of AdBlue.

The largest AdBlue production capacity in the world

Yara has a network of five AdBlue production plants around the world: 

  • Sluiskil, Netherlands 
  • Le Havre, France
  • Belle Plaine, Canada
  • Ferrara, Italy
  • Brunsbüttel, Germany 

Yara's total production capacity a year is 2.8 million tons. 

To make sure that AdBlue is always available to  you, we have put together a network that includes in Europe:

  • 4 Yara production plants
  • 14 terminals

This ensures a reliable, continuous supply of high-quality AdBlue to customers anywhere in the world. 

Our plant in Brunsbüttel, Germany offers overall the world's largest production capacity. It operates 24/7 with a self service loading facility. It has world's largest storage tank for AdBlue, with a capacity of 17,500 m³ of AdBlue quality solution.