Hand watering plants
Hand watering plants

The world is changing faster than ever, affecting how we work and requiring us to learn new skills to develop end-to-end sustainable food and energy solutions that protect nature, improve livelihoods, and reduce emissions.

Grow@Yara, Yara’s people strategy, supports this global transformation and is rooted in our core values and a diverse and inclusive workplace with equitable access to opportunities.

Guided by our curiosity and the growth of knowledge, we encourage an entrepreneurial culture where every individual sees challenges as opportunities to learn and develop.

Every colleague is incentivized to take ownership of their development, act quickly to learn, apply the knowledge, and continuously seek to improve our working methods while optimizing the chances of success.

We develop our leaders to lead with ambition, trust, inclusion, and empowerment, supporting their employees to develop ideas and grow by proactively seeking learning and development opportunities. They are fundamental to creating a safe environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up and bringing new ideas forward.

At Yara, we believe offering the right tools and opportunities enables our culture, leadership, and people to thrive as we grow a nature-positive food future together. 

How is it to work and grow at Yara?

Meet some of our employees and read about their experiences working with us.

Sharon Yara employee



“What I love about Yara is that I can be myself here, it is a workplace that embraces the differences, and you are never left out. Also, we are constantly encouraged not to be afraid of making mistakes. When I joined as a trainee, I made some mistakes despite trying to avoid them. My manager reinforced that is ok and that I could learn from it. It is a continous learning journey.”

Sharon Nurul Ain Abdullah
HESQ Coordinator, Yara Africa & Asia

Alexander Yara employee



''I enjoy the challenges we face at work while carrying out daily activities in our plants. These challenges enrich our experience, make us grow, and strengthen our skills. For example, when I make a mistake, I try to analyze the reasons, find new solutions, and share the learnings with my colleagues. I think learning new things daily and applying this learning is an essential part of our culture.''

Alexander Ortiz
Shift Manager, Cartagena (North Plant)

Corina Yara employee



“I want to build psychological safety for my team. I have learned to adapt my leadership style and behavior to different situations, to my colleagues' needs, culture, and the context of communication. This awareness helps create safe spaces where people feel comfortable speaking out. It builds trust and creates a more inclusive workplace.”

Corina Pallamy
Director HR and Strategic Learning Partner, Oslo

Shaun Yara employee



‘’Yara creates an environment of new knowledge and opportunities. I came from another industry, and, with the help from Yara colleagues and other resources, I expanded my skillset since my first day. Here, we grow knowledge to develop ourselves while helping others. Similar to how Yara has always used knowledge to help grow crops from the ground and feed the world.”

Shaun Lotter
Product Quality and Projects Manager, Oslo