What we offer to employees

We apply knowledge to address global challenges and when we succeed, society is better off. Achieving our mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet will require the expertise of our people. We ensure all our employees have the tools they need to fulfill the mission.

That’s why our benefits packages are designed to help employees balance their work and life at all stages of their career, and psychological safety is given high priority in everything we do.

In Yara, you will have limitless opportunities to learn and grow into your career.

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Career development opportunities

Every day our people are encouraged to learn and develop their skills to be future-ready through our multiple learning experience platforms.

Mental health

Focus on health and wellbeing

During COVID-19, we didn't just focus on our business - we were also committed on safeguarding the mental health of our employees.

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Committed to inclusive culture

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is high on our agenda and we ensure that these are embedded in everything we do at Yara.

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A collaborative work culture

The values we share make Yara unique. We are ambitious, curious, accountable and are committed to a collaborative society.

Compensation and benefits

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Yara aims to offer a compensation and benefits package that is competitive with the local labor market, while paying a living wage is key for Yara to meet its goals of providing decent work and reducing inequality. We have also committed to pay all our employees fairly, regardless of personal beliefs or any individual characteristics.

  • We offer a global parental leave policy, that aims to provide employees with six months* full pay in case the employee is the primary caregiver and one month* full pay in case the employee is secondary caregiver.
  • We also offer benefits that are according to market practices that contains at least pension benefits, life and disability insurances, and medical coverage (in combination with public systems and social security).

* The local standard of parental leave might deviate from the global standard due to local laws and regulations.