AdBlue® for Trucks, Vans and Cars

AdBlue and SCR technology in passenger vehicles, such as SUVs, pickups, camper vans and cars is now common place. They clean up the exhaust gas of these vehicles before emitting it back in the air.

The push to reduce emissions to air has led to improvements in vehicle technology. These include selective catalytic reduction systems in truck, car and van engines that use diesel exhaust fluids like AdBlue to prevent harmful exhaust gases being released into the atmosphere.

AdBlue is needed for any commercial vehicle equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to comply with emission standards Euro IV, V and VI in Europe. This legislation applies to:

  • Commercial vehicles and LGVs (light-goods vehicles) with SCR such as trucks, refuse trucks and fire engines
  • Medium-goods vehicles such as vans
  • Vehicles that transport passengers such as coaches, buses, school buses and minibuses

Cars that meet Euro 6 standards in Europe also need AdBlue.

To find your nearest contact we have dedicated AdBlue Sales Teams in most countries.

Looking for AdBlue safety data sheets (SDS)? Search for it in your country in the Safety data sheets (SDS) website.

Sigurd Jørgensen
Sigurd Jørgensen
Market Manager
AdBlue for diesel car owners

AdBlue for diesel car owners

New Euro 6 diesel cars that run with AdBlue are pre-filled with it. Your garage will usually make sure it is topped up during a service but you can also refill with AdBlue when needed at the garage, the car dealer or the retail station.

A dashboard warning light will alert you, so you'll know that you need more AdBlue. Be sure to top up before you run dry. Consult your owner's manual or check with your manufacturer for more information.

You won't need as much AdBlue as you need diesel. Your car, driving style and driving conditions will affect how much AdBlue you will use.

AdBlue is harmless: if you get it on your hands, just wash it off.

Yara AdBlue pouches are easy to use for diesel cars that need a refill. Make sure you put the AdBlue in the correct tank, or ask your garage to do this for you. It's just like topping up your windscreen wash.

If you are a diesel car owner wanting to buy AdBlue, we recommend that you contact your local car dealership, fuel station shop or automotive stockist.

Send an email to sigurd.jø if you own a business that needs more information on Yara's AdBlue for privately-owned cars.

AdBlue packaging options

AdBlue packaging options

Your AdBlue consumption as a distributor, retail network or fleet will determine your purchasing options, for example:

  • Which packaging option to choose to start with
  • When to upgrade from small packs to bulk

Our local sales team can answer any questions about packaging and quantities.

Our range includes:

  • Packaged AdBlue: cans, drums, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and pouches for diesel car owners.
  • AdBlue in bulk, for direct deliveries to your site into a mini-bulk tank or an underground tank supplied by road tanker.

Looking for Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

The safety data sheets for our products are produced in accordance with current regulations and outline the risks associated with the use of our chemicals.

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Learn about AdBlue for tractors and combine harvesters

AdBlue for tractors

New tractors and combine harvesters that reduce emissions with catalytic technology need Diesel Exhaust Fluid to be effective. Yara is leading the way with AdBlue.

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