Juyin's Journey: From summer intern to Business Analyst at Yara

In the realm of professional growth, few stories are as inspiring as that of Juyin Shafaq Imtiaz Inamdar. What began as a summer internship at Yara has blossomed into a remarkable journey, with Juyin now taking on the role of a Business Analyst within the Production Optimization Team. As you read through her story, you'll uncover not just a tale of personal achievement, but also a blueprint for how your own internship experience could pave the way for a thriving career.

Profile photo of intern-turned-analyst Juyin at Yara Headquarters


How it all started

Juyin grew up in a family of farmers in India and was determined to pursue a master’s degree in business analytics. The study program took her to Norway, and eventually to Yara International.

It all started when she came across the job ad for the Summer Internship Program. “Yara's big goals and vision felt right, so I applied,” says Juyin and continues:

“Yara's commitment to enhancing sustainable agricultural practices, feeding a growing population, and minimizing environmental impact aligned perfectly with both my personal background and academic interests. The idea of contributing to such an organization made me choose Yara.”

Joined by a group of other passionate and eager applicants, Juyin arrived at the headquarters in Oslo to participate in the Interview Days for The Summer Internship Program. And eventually, Yara and Juyin chose each other. 

From a summer intern in Data Engineering to a full-time employee

Having worked two months as a Summer Intern on a project aiming to find the optimum working conditions for efficient production of fertilizer, Juyin was determined to stay in Yara.

Intern to Business analyst

“Curious about the opportunities for future growth within the company, I started conversations with colleagues to learn about different projects and vacant positions,” Juyin says enthusiastically. The hard efforts and encouragement during the summer had been of immense value when she interviewed for the position of Business Analyst. After a few rounds of interviews and a business case, she was offered the position. 

The power of curiosity

When asked which advice she would give others who find themselves in a similar situation Juyin says “Network, be determined, and be curious! Dare to ask questions to learn about the opportunities that exist.”

Yara operates in more than 60 countries and provides opportunities in a vast field of disciplines. Juyin's recommendation to other job applicants is to be curious about what the company is doing and how it operates and tailor this information in the cover letter to demonstrate motivation.

She finishes by saying “Yara values passion, curiosity, and a commitment to making a positive impact. So, be yourself, showcase your enthusiasm, and let your unique qualities shine through in your application.”

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