Enabling growth: Continuous learning for Yara’s digital workforce

Yara, a global leader in crop nutrition and digital farming solutions, relies on a talented and diverse workforce to drive its ambition of growing a nature-positive food future. Among this workforce, Yara’s digital employees are pivotal to steering the company’s digital transformations across regions, worldwide.

Yara digital employees working on computers

Strategic learning in digital technology

The Digital Technology department at  Yara consists of 471 professionals who ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the company's information and digital technology. Beyond operational support, they also serve as the driving force behind Yara's digital evolution, providing innovative solutions and services to the business. 

Rachana Priya Ashok, Senior People Business Partner, who has been actively involved in putting strategic learning on the agenda emphasizes the culture of ongoing learning within the Digital Technology domain. “In Digital Technology, we always seek opportunities to learn and share knowledge within different teams,” says Rachana.

The digital space is constantly changing, and we need to provide clear learning paths for our colleagues through updated learning material and courses, knowledge exchange, and seminars.

Rachana Priya Ashok, Senior People Business Partner

Regular gatherings, such as SAP community meetings, facilitate sharing experiences and enable the alignment of efforts with Yara's overarching objectives. Looking forward, the department prioritizes key skills such as Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cyber Security, and SAP S4 HANA to adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

Tools and learning initiatives

Recognizing the variety of learning preferences of its employees, Yara offers a spectrum of learning tools and initiatives. “Yara is a large organization with more than 17,500 employees worldwide, and there are many opportunities to apply for internal positions within different departments and locations to build new skills and utilize knowledge in a new way,” says Charlotte Cohn, Learning Partner at Yara People Processes and Digitalization. 

Charlotte Cohn
Charlotte Cohn, Learning Partner at Yara

In addition, Yara has invested in the newest learning technology, offering a wide range of courses, and learning materials from different providers such as Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Harvard Business Publishing. This grants all employees unlimited access to learning material and courses, empowering them to tailor their learning experiences according to their interests and goals.

Team-based learning opportunities  

At Yara, team-based learning is an important practice among digital employees. Caroline Maina, leading the IT Support and Operations Team Europe, has prioritized learning in teams, to improve performance and collaboration. The IT Support and Operations team is responsible for all local IT support and infrastructure of Yara’s offices and plants in Europe.

“Continuous learning is part of the job as we always have to understand the technology which we are supporting, and is therefore to be prioritized,” says Caroline. To prioritize this, Caroline schedules dedicated learning periods in her agenda, and encourages her team to follow suit.

Team working with puzzles

To be on top of technology, and to be able to provide the best support to the business, the IT Support and Operations team in Europe has completed an analysis identifying the team’s current competency and anticipate future needs. This proactive approach results in a customized learning plan aligned with their collective aspirations and objectives.

Fostering a culture of growth

Yara’s commitment to growing a nature-positive food future hinges on embracing digital transformation. Yara’s digital employees drive this agenda forward through initiatives, tools, and collaborative learning practices. By fostering a culture of learning and knowledge sharing within teams, they enhance their performance and collaboration.

As Yara’s digital employees continue to lead the charge in driving the company’s digital transformation, their collaborative learning culture remains a catalyst for Yara’s commitment to feeding the world and protecting the planet.