Driving change: Bitopi Sarma's path as a Software Engineer

Bitopi Sarma’s journey in technology has been unexpected yet transformative - and one that underscores the crucial role of women in technology.

Bitopi Sarma, Senior Software Engineer, at her desk in Oslo 

“The ability technology has of bringing tangible change and helping people really resonated with me and was what made me pursue a career in the tech field,”

Bitopi Sarma, Senior Software Engineer

Discovering the power of tech

Growing up, Bitopi hadn’t envisioned a career in technology. It wasn’t until she participated in a coding competition aimed at modernizing the receipt system for a local pharmacy, that she realized the power of technology in driving meaningful change.

After spending several years working as a Java developer in India, Bitopi decided it was time to explore new career horizons and a new continent. In 2017, she relocated with her family to Norway. 

Today, she is helping Yara to achieve its ambition of Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future. As a Software Engineer, Bitopi is helping to develop the Golden Batch application, an optimization tool that identifies optimal environmental conditions for fertilizer production. 

“My responsibility is to understand the user story from the production teams and to find the technical solutions that can help them optimize the production,” Bitopi says.  Her workday mainly revolves around coding and software development, on both the backend and front-end aspects of projects. This has enabled Bitopi to put her coding skills and AWS knowledge into practice.

Continuous learning

Within the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Bitopi comments on the importance of Yara’s culture, which fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing and enables continuous learning and growth.  “Yara’s commitment to professional development has been a key factor in my growth as a subject matter expert. I have had the opportunity to access training programs, mentors, conferences, certifications, and workshops," says Bitopi. 

Bitopi Sarma, Senior Software Engineer, in Oslo office 

Diversity for personal and industry growth

Discussing the future of technology, Bitopi comments on trends concerning generative AI and the increased importance of cybersecurity. However, there is one notable trend that is near to her heart -the increased focus on diverse perspectives in problem-solving and driving innovation within the industry.

“Companies are recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation. By promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities, we are contributing to a more varied and dynamic workforce that brings new ideas and solutions within the tech industry,”

Bitopi Sarma

Recognizing firsthand the importance of a diverse workforce, and the contributions of women in technology, Bitopi has been embracing challenges as steppingstones for personal and industry growth. “I believe my unique perspective adds significant value to the collaborative and innovative nature of the tech industry,” she says.  

Her advice to aspiring tech professionals is to continuously seek new skills and knowledge to stay up to date, and to seek mentorship from experienced professionals who can provide guidance and insights.  

“Every career path is unique, and success is defined individually. What I believe is most important when seeking new opportunities, is to ensure that your career goals align with your personal values,” Bitopi concludes.