Chemistry in everyday life

Latex gloves

Stop a moment and look around you. You may not know it, but not a day in your life goes without our applications:

  • Many household items such as shampoo or kitchen countertops have been made by a product or application that our gases or chemicals have had a part to play in. 
  • We safeguard health workers by producing DipCal, an essential raw material in the production of medical gloves.
  • We supply the concrete industry with a setting accelerator for concrete, so their projects can continue year round.
  • We eliminate obnoxious smells from the environment, making the air pleasant to breathe and preventing harm from hydrogen sulfide.

Reducing NOx emissions

Truck using AdBlue on road in nature

As the world's largest producer of AdBlue®, Yara literally keeps society's wheels turning.

AdBlue® enables customers all over the globe to keep their trucks, cars, busses and tractors on the road, delivering essential goods to people's homes and businesses.

AdBlue® removes harmful gases from diesel engines, turning noxious emissions into vapor and water, resulting in cleaner air and a healthier society.

Extracting raw materials with lowest possible carbon footprint


Society relies on an efficient mining sector and Yara is a key supplier to that industry. Applications for the mining sector support the extraction of copper/iron ore/gold and coal, as well as other products including cobalt, lithium etc.

You'll find us in quarrying for gravel and limestone for cement/concrete, as well as the construction industry, with the blasting of rocks to build roads, tunnels, etc. With the right blasting agents, Yara is helping reduce toxic gas emissions.

HESQ and Production - committed to continuous improvement

Employees talking in front of NitCal big bags

A red thread runs from YIS HESQ and Production to the planet we live on, via our dedication to safe and climate-friendly operations, to the products and solutions that deliver optimal benefits to our customers.

Our reliable and sustainable production process is the source of what we sell to our customers, for use in their value chains, finally to become integral parts of all our lives.