Latex Dipping Coagulant

If you are manufacturing rubber-dipped goods and gloves, DipCal can help you produce flawless products, consistently time after time.

When you make latex and rubber goods you can rely on DipCal – a Yara speciality quality nitrate developed with a century's worth of experience to help you create quality products. 

You can get DipCal in both liquid and granule form. Both are well recognized as highly effective, concentrated latex dipping coagulant with high purity.

DipCal is designed for use in manufacturing rubber-dipped goods, including production of very thin articles such as examination/disposable and surgical gloves, suitable for both natural and synthetic gloves. 

Use it during the coagulant dipping process to ensure the best results.

Why choose DipCal from Yara?

Yara’s DipCal has been chosen by world leading of rubber-dipping factories for its high-purity yielding very low metal impurities.

Supply reliability

By choosing Yara’s DipCal, you will never worry about supply reliability. Yara is by far the world’s largest producer of calcium nitrate and the largest producer of liquid calcium nitrate in Malaysia, guaranteeing major glove-producing manufacturers reliable supplies.

We carry out continuous product development for new generation of liquid specialty nitrate to fit into higher speed and advanced production lines.

This is matched by a unique logistics network of 200 terminals and warehouses, allowing your DipCal latex dipping coagulant to be delivered to your site just-in-time.

Choose the dipping coagulant format to suit you

DipCal can be delivered either in liquid or solid form, depending on your requirements.

Solid Liquid

DipCal comes in high-purity granules. 
DipCal RQ is available in:

  • 25kg laminated polypropylene valve bags (palletized) and in
  • 1,200 kg jumbo bags

DipCal is delivered as high-purity, high-clarity liquid solution. 
DipCal LQ is available in:

  • IBCs and drums
  • Flexibag for exports
  • Bulk road tanker delivery
Hendra Gunawan
Hendra Gunawan
Commercial Director, Industrial, Asia
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Looking for safety data sheets (SDS)?

The safety data sheets for our products are produced in accordance with current regulations and outline the risks associated with the use of our chemicals.

Get Yara safety data sheets (SDS)