Explosives Precursors Regulation

Certain chemicals are defined as “explosives precursors” in the EU, and these chemicals are regulated by the EU Regulation 2019/1148 (the “Regulation”). The Regulation came into effect on 1 February 2021 and replaces the EU Regulation 98/2013.

In modern day society there are numerous chemicals used on a daily basis in a wide variety of industrial processes, professional functions as well as in the large and diverse consumer sector. Chemicals are utilized for many purposes, among others, as intermediates to produce other chemicals and farming activities. The vast majority of these chemicals are traded between businesses for legitimate purposes.

However, some chemicals have the potential to be misused for the illicit manufacture of homemade explosives. Terrorists and other criminals may seek to purchase the precursor ingredients necessary to produce homemade explosives from the open market or divert them from legitimate uses.

The overall aim of the new Regulation is to establish harmonized rules across the EU concerning the acquisition, possession and use of substances or mixtures that could be used for the illicit manufacture of homemade explosives. The introduction of the Regulation also aims to limit the availability of explosives precursors to the general public, and to ensure that appropriate reporting of suspicious transactions throughout the supply chain is introduced.

Both Yara and all our customers that will resell our products are legally obliged and responsible to:

Closeup of crops in field
Closeup of crops in field
  • Inform all customers of explosives precursors about their obligations pursuant to the Regulation.
  • Require that customers of explosives precursors fill in a so-called Customer Statement and provide a scanned copy of their proof of ID (or verify their ID personally or electronically). The Customer Statement is valid for no longer than 12 months.
  • Verify that the person purchasing the product(s) is authorized to both represent and purchase restricted explosives precursors on behalf of their company or institution.
  • Verify that the product(s) being purchased matches information on the Customers Statement.
  • Verify that the intended use of the product(s) is consistent with the trade, business or professions of the prospective customer.
  • Verify that the person receiving the product(s) is authorized to receive restricted explosives precursors on behalf of their company of institution.
  • Suspicious transactions, disappearances and significant thefts of explosives precursors must be reported to the relevant authority within 24 hours.

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Yara will be using DocuSign to manage the process of completing Customer Statements, including its digital ID verification solution. DocuSign is a global trust service provider and you may read more about the solution on the DocuSign Trust Center and in the DocuSign Trust Brief.