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Our employees and their knowledge are Yara’s greatest asset. We want to build a culture of engagement, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion to ensure that Yara is well positioned to tackle the challenges ahead of us.




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How we work

Because people are our greatest asset, we work hard to attract and develop a highly skilled, diverse, and motivated workforce around the world.

Through best-in-class safety programs and performance, we keep employees physically safe, and through a focus on work-life balance and mental health, we keep employees psychologically safe.

Targeted programs help us to develop a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment, benefitting our business by making employees feel safe to speak up, representing multiple perspectives and making our business adaptable to a fast-moving environment.

Surveys consistently show that our employees are proud of working at Yara, that they are engaged, and that they would recommend Yara as an employer. We rely on their motivation to successfully drive innovation, productivity, and continuous improvement. Their continued engagement is critical as we set out to build a culture of entrepreneurship and agility.

In addition to developing our employees to help the company deliver on its strategy, we work to improve the communities where we operate. Yara has made a commitment to respecting internationally recognized human and labor rights throughout our own operations, as well as in our supply chain – not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes business sense. Respecting human rights is fundamental to sound risk management and Yara’s value creation.

How we performed in 2021

People icon People 


Yara KPI Measure 2021 2025 Target

Strive towards zero accidents

TRI 1.0 <1.0

Engagement index

 Index 79 Top quartile
Diversity and inclusion index Index 77 Top quartile
Female senior managers* % 29 40


* The definition of the KPI was updated during 2021, and the target performance was changed from 35% to 40%.

Our material topics

Occupational and process safety
Keeping all our employees, contractors and neighbouring communities safe and minimally exposed to risks generated by our processes. 

Leadership and employee enablement
Developing, recruiting and retaining the skills and talent needed to deliver on our strategy and fulfil our purpose.

Diversity, equity and inclusion
Building an inclusive and diverse work environment, and ensuring fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees.
Entrepreneurship and agility
Our ability to design, launch and run new business models to exploit business opportunities.
Human rights and labour practices
Respecting internationally recognized human rights along with all relevant labour rights throughout our operations and in our supply chain, and maintaining good and constructive relations with our employees and their organizations.
Health and well-being at work
Promoting a healthy working environment that protects the physical and mental well-being of all while at work.
Security and emergency
Protecting our people, environment, assets and reputation from internal and external threats and potential emergencies.
Product safety
Taking proper care of our products’ compliance, quality, safety and environmental footprint through the entire value chain.

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