Our profit performance

Yara will continue to be a positive force for a profitable green shift. Operational excellence equips us with a strong core and enables us to profit from the opportunities arising in our business environment to create value for our shareholders, customers, and society at large.

15.5 USD billion


312 USD million

Operating income

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1.7 USD billion


How we work

Ensuring the continued profit of the company and the communities where we operate is a key priority for Yara.

Ensuring continuous improvement and operational excellence are central to achieving this. Operational excellence is paramount to unlock the potential of our strategy. It equips us with a strong core as we expand our reach and offering and develop new business models. Our approach to operational excellence is multidimensional and covers our culture and people as well as the efficiency and footprint of our operations, in which digitalization plays a key role.

The Yara brand is recognized globally, and our products are known for their high quality and reliability. We live by our customers and continuously invest in product quality, knowledge, customer service, and new solutions to help them thrive and reach new standards for sustainability. We increasingly connect and engage directly with farmers and partners in the food chain to share our knowledge, demonstrate our solutions, and optimize our offerings for the local conditions.

Sustainable finance is growing in force and impact. Capital is increasingly channeled towards organizations and activities that manage their economic, social, and environmental (ESG) impacts well, driven by responsible investments, ESG and credit ratings, and regulations such as the EU taxonomy. We welcome sustainable finance as a means to translate our ambitions and achievements into value and reinforce Yara as an attractive investment.

We aim to create shared value for the company and society. Helping the 20 million farmers that buy our products succeed is essential to achieving this, as is engaging in the communities where we operate. Trust and support from local communities is fundamental to Yara’s license to operate.

Prosperity icon Profit performance

We target superior returns from efficient operations and new and greener revenue streams.

Yara KPI Measure 2023 2025 Target

Ammonia production1)




Finished fertilizer production1)




Premium generated2)3)




Operating capital3)




Capital return (ROIC)




Fixed costs in core business4)



Beat inflation

1) Yara Improvement Program performance, see page 35 in the Integrated report for further details. 
2) Figures for 2021 and 2022 changed following a revision of the market references applied.
3) See page 343 in the Integrated report for definitions, explanations, and reconciliations of Alternative Performance Measures (APMs).
4) Fixed cost target is annual