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Women in Agronomy links new talents with employees in senior roles across the company to increase their opportunities for knowledge exchange, self-development, mentoring and visibility.

One channel of visibility is the publication of the book “The Courage to Be”. In it, 43 women are highlighted to increase the visibility of female talents in the company, promote diverse career paths within agronomy, and challenge traditional stereotypes in the sector. 

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Alphonsine Nhiomog, Women in Agronomy

Yara’s Women in Agronomy Program offers exclusive opportunities for women in the company. Designed to develop, retain, and attract more women to agronomy-related areas of work, the program offers a valuable experience and a growing network with over 240 graduates to date.

Representing almost half (43%) of the world’s agricultural workforce, women are the backbone of rural economies and play an essential role throughout the entire food production chain. To increase the percentage of female agronomists in the company, Yara is addressing the hurdles women face in the field through the Women in Agronomy program.

A growing network

Women in Agronomy

In 2022, the program grew beyond Yara when it was extended to 16 of Yara’s strategic distributors in Colombia, empowering 33 agronomists and technicians through mentoring, networking, and visibility.

Through networking groups, female agronomists across the world can create safe spaces for discussion, knowledge-sharing and connections with other women. Visibility channels have also been created, serving as platforms for talented women to expose their expertise and profile to leaders and external audiences.

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