Women supporting women

Two female agronomists supporting each other

At Yara, we believe in the power of diversity. Our Women in Agronomy program stands as a testament to this.

With the program, we commit to promoting gender equity in our workplace, and in the agricultural industry, through mentorship, networking, and increased visibility. The program offers a valuable platform for women in Yara to develop their skills, connect with colleagues, and advance their careers in agriculture.

Empowering women in agriculture

Female farmers in field

Women, representing 43% of the world's agricultural workforce, are the backbone of rural economies and play an essential role throughout the entire food production chain. Yet, women in agriculture face diverse challenges.

The Women in Agronomy program seeks to empower its participants, giving them the tools and a supportive environment to overcome obstacles.

Our threefold mission

The impact of the Women in Agronomy program spans three dimensions:

Young female agronomist studying
Young female agronomist studying




Nurturing future talent

Globally, women represent 38% of agricultural sciences students. We're committed to empowering young women studying agronomy, fostering diversity, and driving change in agricultural sciences.

Female executiveprofessional at Yara
Female executiveprofessional at Yara




Increasing professional representation

Yara aims to have 40% of its managerial positions held by women by 2025. The Women in Agronomy program plays a crucial role in achieving this target.

Female agronomist helping a farmer
Female agronomist helping a farmer




Supporting female farmers

Empowering women in agriculture is essential for resilient and sustainable food systems. Our program aims to provide knowledge and resources to enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in rural communities.

A growing network

Started in 2020, the Women in Agronomy program has grown into a global network of over 300 women colleagues from 38 different countries,  with 240 graduates to date. The program will continue to expand in alignment with our commitment to the agricultural industry and our ambition to Grow a Nature-Positive Food Future. 

Close up of crop leaves
Close up of crop leaves


Women in the Program


Countries represented


Men allies in the Program

Here's what some of our participants have to say:

“Women in Agronomy is a great program. It gives Yara’s female employees worldwide a chance to voice their experiences and most importantly, how we can support one another, not only at work but also in life. I think it is very important that our male colleagues are also involved in this program - they are part of the positive change we need to make in society.”

Female agronomist in Europe

“I am grateful again for the opportunity to participate in the Women in Agronomy Program. It has been an enriching and empowering experience that has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.” 

Female agronomist from Latin America

The Courage To Be - Celebrating Women in Agriculture The Courage To Be - Celebrating Women in Agriculture



The Courage To Be: Celebrating 43 remarkable women in agriculture

In 2022, the program launched “The Courage to Be,” a groundbreaking book that celebrates the achievements of 43 women, challenging stereotypes and promoting diverse career paths in agronomy. Explore some of their stories by downloading the book below.

Download the e-book (pdf, 9.3 MB)


Become a part of change

With Yara's Women in Agronomy program, the future of agriculture is brighter than ever. Join us in empowering women, creating opportunities, and transforming the industry. Contact us to know more about the program.

Carolina Hernandez Lasso
Carolina Hernandez Lasso
Agronomy Growth & Inclusion Programs Manager