Yara Bolifor® - Essential animal feed minerals to sustain healthy livestock and productive growth

Yara Bolifor® feed minerals support bone and muscle formation in monogastric animals (pigs, poultry, horses, and aquatic species) as well as ruminants (dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats).

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Macrominerals such as phosphorus, calcium or magnesium are essential elements for sustaining healthy and productive animal growth. The Yara Bolifor® feed minerals consist of six different products used as source of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and nitrogen in concentrates, compound feed and mineral feed for all species including pet food:

  • Bolifor® MCP-F and MCP-N are feed grade monocalcium phosphates in two different granular sizes. Bolifor® MCP products contain 22,7% of total phosphorus and its superior chemical solubility and digestibility make Bolifor® MCP-F a top-ranked granular phosphorus and calcium source.
  • Bolifor® MAP is a feed grade mono-ammonium phosphate, containing 26% phosphorus, where the phosphorus digestibility of Bolifor® MAP has been assessed, in vivo, in different aquatic species, with outstanding results. Bolifor® MAP can also be used in ruminant diets to supply phosphorus and non-protein nitrogen.
  • Bolifor® MGP and MGP+ are feed grade magnesium phosphates with a phosphorus content of 14,5% and 13,5% respectively. Bolifor® MGP+ also contains 2% sulphur in the form of sulphate. Bolifor® MGP and MGP+ are excellent sources of magnesium and phosphorus to prevent magnesium and phosphorus deficiencies in mainly cattle and horses.
  • Bolifor® Aqua is a feed grade monocalcium phosphate in fine granules, containing 22,3% phosphorus, recommended mainly for use in aquaculture feed.
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Download Yara Bolifor® product sheets

Bolifor® MCP-F (pdf 0.2 MB)
Bolifor® MCP-N (pdf 0.8 MB)
Bolifor® MAP Aqua (pdf 0.3 MB)
Bolifor® MAP Ruminant (pdf 0.6 MB)
Bolifor® MGP (pdf 0.6 MB)
Bolifor® MGP+ (pdf 0.8 MB) 
Bolifor® Aqua (pdf 0.3 MB)

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Why choose Yara Bolifor® feed minerals?

By choosing high purity products that are naturally low in undesirable substances you ensure:


Quality and purity from source

Our phosphates are of consistently high quality because they come from a Yara-owned clean volcanic deposit in Finland

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High-quality single phosphorus source and a fully-controlled production guarantee consistency of our feed phosphates

Supply reliability

Our production of feed phosphates runs 24/7, ensuring a steady supply for our customers


Digestibility and feed efficiency

Our inorganic feed phosphates have demonstrated outstanding digestibility in different trials, resulting in a lower unit cost

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Environmental benefit

Higher digestibility means less phosphorus is released into the environment, helping farmers meet environmental regulations

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Better taste

We know that a more palatable product means high consumption and less nutrient waste by the animals

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How do you evaluate a feed phosphate?

Any feed phosphate must be evaluated by the phosphorus fraction which is utilized by the animal. This is calculated as the total P content times its “availability”. However, the high number of techniques and concepts associated with phosphorus can generate confusion:

  • In vitro tests deliver phosphorus solubility results. The amount of phosphorus solubilized in acid or water is not well related to the amount of phosphorus ready to be used by the animal.
  • Qualitative measurements, such as relative bioavailability, compare different feed phosphates to a standard under certain conditions. Different results are obtained depending on the standard and the testing condition
  • Quantitative measurements, such as phosphorus digestibility, inform about the real amount of phosphorus absorbed by the animal. Thus, digestibility is consistent and realistic, appropriate for feed formulation.

Make sure you ask for phosphorus digestibility values.  







Peace-of-mind comes from accreditation

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Yara Animal Nutrition is an active member of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), Sector Group for Inorganic Feed Phosphates.

CEFIC represents European feed producers, supporting a system guaranteeing the chemical and physical composition and the pureness of the feed products.