High-quality, high-purity Animal Feed Minerals

Ensure livestock get optimum nutrition with bioavailable mineral supplementation.

Macro-minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sodium are essential elements in sustaining healthy and productive animal growth.

Yara mineral supplementation provides highly bioavailable macro minerals. It also offers the state-of-the-art safety and quality guarantees for the feed chain and the welfare/performance of animals.

How feed minerals are used

The use of inorganic feed minerals is widespread in feed strategies for monogastric animals such as pigs (including sows and piglets), poultry (broilers, layers) and horses. Inorganic feed minerals are also used in aquaculture and pet food.

Where our quality minerals come from

Yara has control of the entire industrial process involved in producing animal feed minerals. Our exclusive access to phosphorous-rich ore in Finland ensures the manufacture and delivery of high-purity products that are naturally low in undesirable substances.

This ore – the apatite – is mined from a volcanic deposit in Siilinjärvi, Finland, and converted on site by Yara into phosphoric acid.

Siilinjärvi site

Production runs 24/7 to ensure a steady supply of the phosphoric rock from magmatic origin. This guarantees a source free from impurities, unlike sedimentary sources which can contain skeletons from shellfish.

Our South African plant sources its phosphoric acid from different sources. Defluorination is done at the Umbogintwini site to ensure high-purity products which are also low in undesirable elements.

Our product range

Bolifor® MCP-F 

Bolifor® MCP-N 

Bolifor® MSP 

Bolifor® AQUA 

Bolifor® Mag33 

Bolifor® MGP+ 

Bolifor® MGP

Bolifor® MAP

Kynofos 21

Kynofos 18 Grand

Maximize farmers profitability
Maximize farmers profitability

Maximize farmer's profitability

To maximize farmer’s profitability, improve animal health and minimize phosphorus excretion to the environment, read more on Yara’s Research and Development on phosphorus in broiler feed formulations.

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