Protecting the planet

The global population is expanding, resources are limited and the climate is changing. Protecting the planet will require action and collaboration across sectors.

Connected challenges

Irrigated fields in Zambia

Food, climate change, resource use and availability of fresh water are all entangled issues that can only be resolved with knowledge and collaboration across sectors and geographies.

  • 50% more food is needed by 2050
  • Climate change may reduce yields by 2% per decade
  • Agriculture’s fresh water use is unsustainable with current practices
  • Food demand and low yields drive farmland expansion, which triggers large greenhouse gas emissions

Climate-smart solutions

Yara N-Sensor mounted on tractor

At Yara, we aim to help the world produce enough nutritious food to eat, and do so with less inputs and no further expansion of farmland. We promote climate-smart agriculture, which builds on three pillars:

  • Sustainably increase agricultural productivity and grower incomes
  • Adapt and build resilience to climate change
  • Reduce and/or remove greenhouse gases, where possible

Essentially, climate-smart agriculture involves high yields from balanced fertilization and efficient water use, while avoiding soil depletion or nutrient losses.

Reducing emissions

Air1 truck

Yara has developed a range of products and solutions for industries and municipalities that can help improve their environmental performance and the quality of life in local communities. We help improve urban living conditions and reduce harmful emissions.

We can do this as leaders in nitrogen chemistry, delivering solutions for emission abatement, odor control and water treatment. NOx emissions abatement is a fast-growing business in Yara, as we are the leading provider of solutions to remove this harmful pollutant from vehicles, industrial plants and maritime vessels.