Governance: Making it happen

Governance on sustainability

Guided by our mission – to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet – we integrate sustainability in every decision we make and everything we do.

Responsibility for the company’s sustainability performance ultimately lies with Yara's Board of Directors. The board is responsible for determining our corporate strategy in collaboration with the management team. It is also responsible for ensuring that Yara has satisfactory routines in place to determine material topics, as well as monitor and report on performance.

Our CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, with support from the management team and corporate functions. Within the sustainability field, the key corporate functions are:

Corporate affairs

Yara’s Corporate Affairs team drive our work to leverage Yara's sustainability performance as a competitive advantage, as well as integrating sustainability into strategy. The team reports to the EVP of Corporate Strategy & Business Development, who is a part of the Yara Management Team.

Human Resources (HR)

Our Corporate HR function is responsible for labor aspects internally in Yara, which covers the strategy, development and framework for human resources operations, talent management and leadership development, and global compensation and benefits. This function is headed by the EVP of HR, Communications and Brand, also part of the Yara Management Team.

Health, Environment, Safety and Quality (HESQ)

Our HESQ Teams are responsible for ensuring that Yara operates to industry-leading standards for health, occupational safety, process safety, environment, quality, product stewardship, security, and emergency handling and preparedness. The Head of HESQ reports directly to the CEO.

Chemical Compliance

Chemical Compliance assists Yara units in achieving and maintaining compliance with chemical regulations worldwide. It reports to the HESQ function.

Ethics and Compliance

Our Ethics and Compliance Department coordinates and oversees our ethics and compliance work. The central department is supported by full-time Regional Compliance Managers who carry out training across the world. The Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to the CEO.