Conflicts of Interest

You have a family member that would fit perfectly for an open position in Yara. How can you tell if your personal and professional life are interfering with one another?

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Our responsibility

Have you ever bought your significant other a present that was a little more expensive than you initially planned, or taken your partner’s side in an argument to avoid any future hassle?  It’s only natural to support those we hold dear, but we have to avoid conflicts of interest.

We encourage all our employees to report any actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest. It is important for us that we do our business responsibly. That includes equal opportunities for all, no matter who your spouse, family, or friends are. Our employees are regularly trained on identifying these conflicts for themselves and others, and are provided with several channels for reporting any unusual situations. 

What is a conflict of interest?

Conflicts of interest arise when your personal interests interfere, or appear to interfere, with Yara's interests. Why is it such a big deal? Well, it creates unfair advantage and compromises our employees’ ability to behave according to our mission and vision. It enables short cuts, reduces transparency and diminishes our integrity. It’s a form of corruption.

Conflicts of interest in the workplace

Unfortunately, if positions and opportunities are only presented within small office cliques or to close friends within an organization, it creates unfair advantage. Such exclusion blocks other, perhaps more competent, employees from being promoted within the company. It can also be a red flag for fraud. 

Office romance

We understands that romantic relationships may develop between employees. If one of our employees have concerns about a relationship, we strongly encourage them to seek advice from their line manager. Office romances have to be declared in order to prevent any special treatment or unfair advantages. If these systems where not in place, speculation and doubt about objectivity could muddy the water and open up for detrimental conflicts in the workplace.

Business relations

Conflicts of interest could also arise through our daily contact with vendors, customers, agents, public officials, etc. On one hand, we rely on our teams to acquire new, and grow old, relationships with our business partners. On the other hand, we have to be sure their work is not influenced by personal gain.


There are few things that feel as unfair as not getting a chance at a promotion or an exciting career opportunity. Unfortunately, sometimes in this world many positions are filled through closed social networks, and hardworking employees fail to apply the career opportunities they are entitled to. Not only does it hinder development, it also provides unfair advantages based on your personal network. Make no mistake, this is corruption. Sadly, many accept these practices as inevitable truths.

A fair and transparent recruitment process is crucial for us at Yara. All our positions are clearly communicated, and we encourage everyone to speak up if they feel they are being bypassed.


For more information, read our Code of Conduct or contact the ethics department at