EU Whistleblower Directive

If you are based in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain or Sweden, you are offered an option to report locally when your concern is within the following areas: environmental protection, public health, product safety and compliance, privacy and personal data, public procurement, financial services, transport safety, food safety/animal health, nuclear safety or consumer protection, in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive. ​

Yara has appointed a local resource who is a senior member of the local organization to receive and manage the investigation of the above-mentioned areas which are under scope for the EU Whistleblower Directive.​

If you choose to report your concern through the Ethics Hotline, your report will follow the standard process where Yara Ethics & Compliance receives and process your notification.

Reporting of concerns within the scope of the EU Whistleblower Directive

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