Ethics & Compliance in 2019

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We have integrated risk-based integrity due diligence procedures and compliance requirements with our business partners. As a global company, we have a real chance to influence our industry. It is our duty to hold those we work with responsible for their actions, and inspire them to uphold our strong moral code.

We perform automatic overnight screenings so that we don't fall behind on the actions of our partners. These screenings check all business partners associated with transactions for compliance sanctions. Enforcing such controls helps ensure that we are not supporting unethical business practices.

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We cannot expect our employees to identify and react to unethical behavior if we do not offer training.

Our common practice is face-to-face training sessions carried out locally by our regional compliance managers. We are proud to say that more than 10 000 individuals were trained in face-to-face training sessions during the last three years (2016-2018). 

We have also created our own intranet section, complete with training documents and e-learning  modules on topics such as human rights, corruption, personal conduct, recognizing conflicts of interest and gifts and hospitality.  

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We encourage everyone to speak up though our many reporting channels whenever they witness something suspicious. This also includes the public. All reports are treated with the utmost discretion, and we do not tolerate any retaliation against those who contact us.

Should the notification prove to be substantial, we have established an effective and reliable process with sufficient resources to investigate the concern. 

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Read about our ethics and compliance commitment and see our full 15 element program.

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Here you will find contact information for the Ethics and Compliance team, as well as information about our Ethics Hotline.

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