August 29, 2018

Yara Incubator Program - growing ideas

Yara has launched its first internal Incubator Program. The program allows “Yarapreneurs” to drive innovation to propel Yara into the future.
Yara Incubator Program banner
Yara Incubator Program banner

To succeed, companies must innovate. As customer needs evolve and new technology emerges, any company faces new challenges. The Yara Incubator Program was initiated to find solutions to these.

As a global company, Yara has an important role in driving innovation. It is an obligation not only related to its core business, but also to its effects. Yara is committed to protect the planet. As a company, we must therefore work to reduce emissions from Yara’s production facilities and we must find alternative packaging solutions to avoid plastics.

To innovate, curiosity is key. At Yara, curiosity is embedded in the company DNA. Yara has therefore called upon its greatest asset; more than 17 000 employees. 17 000 minds may have a lot of ideas. To realize these ideas, they must be given the chance to be born, spur and grow. The Yara Incubator Program is a step towards this.

What is the Incubator Program and how it works?

The program combines the dynamic of a ‘start-up’, backed by Yara’s strength, experience and resources, providing an environment to grow and execute ideas. The Incubator Program will be organized annually, asking for ideas to solve Yara’s key challenges. Any employee can submit their idea. Those who qualify will receive support and resources to develop their ideas into a prototype. Successful prototypes will be given resources to develop into a product, service or technology.

“It is really amazing to join the Incubator Program with so many good ideas across Yara. The Incubator Program shows that Yara is giving voice to our ideas, fostering creativity and intrapreneurship and thus consolidating the movement of our strategy for Innovation. Empowering this connection by initiatives like this one, Yara will certainly make its way to a successful journey”, says Rafael Tabasnik, Sr Operations and Performance Coordinator.

“I am very excited about the steps Yara is taking with the Incubator Program. The Program is a strong reflection of our commitment to innovation. Our vision is to unite partners and innovators across the world to solve critical global challenges. When you start believing that every individual has the power to innovate, the possibilities are limitless! This is only the beginning of our journey and exciting things lie ahead," says Kajsa Ryttberg Wallgren, VP Innovation.

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